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  1. Tony D is the new owner of the DCWATERJET Z, I wish him much success with his new toy. Thanks to everyone on the forum for your interest. Regards Gary Cole
  2. For sale Bonneville Record Holder,car has set 5 records over 200mph,Current F/BFMS record holder at 220mph minus engine,transmission,wheels and tires Fab 9inch rear end full floater 4-link rear suspension front tubular A-arms.Koni coil overs aftermarket pinto rack 4-wheel - Willwood disc brakes SCTA log book $7500 Duane Cole (702) 497-5014
  3. HowlerMonkey,I haven't researched the rule book on this but I believe from the firewall forward we can do whatever we want in our class. Modiied Sports.
  4. Havent really thought about it with our car but I know some of the turbo bike speeds have been faster on the pavement.
  5. Howler Monkey, There are cars and bikes that run in Maine,Ohio,Texas and Mojave. with our car we just run at Bonneville. Maybe El Mirage or Mojave someday. Gary
  6. Thanks for the kind comments, I know the car will do 225mph+, we just have to do it 2 times in a row. course was very slippery this year. not only does your car have to be performing, the course needs to be good also. no excuses, everyone has to deal with it.
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