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  1. It's a 79 280zx. Thanks I will look for the information.
  2. Hey guys, I think the 280zx brake master cylinder went out as it doesn't hold fluid. I topped them off one time, only to find out it was empty by the end of the week. So I went ahead and purchased a re-manufactured one from AutoZone. It's not Nabco : / . It looks like the leak was coming from the rear of the cylinder where it attaches to the brake booster. You can see the corrosion and paint peeling off on the brake booster and I found some brake fluid on the inside of the brake booster as well. Question(s): 1. Do you think the brake booster will be okay? knowing brake fluid pooled inside for who knows how long. Maybe some kind of test can be performed well the master cylinder is absent? 2. Reuse of the old reservoirs okay? If so any recommendations on how to clean them. They look pretty gunky inside. Thanks
  3. Please delete this is a re-post phone error. Thank you.
  4. Please delete this is a re-post phone error. Thank you.
  5. Please delete this is a repost phone error. Thank you.
  6. Didn't realize it was in Orange. Close enough
  7. Thanks for the offer but looking specifically for MSA.
  8. Looking for a MSA header for my ZX. Pm me what you got. Thanks.
  9. Hey fellow Z heads, I'm looking for a solid 240z and one of the things I'd like is original paint which i could simply buff out to make it shine again. This link below looks like it has the original paint. Does asking price seem reasonable? What's a decent offer to throw? I've yet to look at it so I can't give much details other than what I see from the pictures. Also I'm in the SoCAl area and it's located in San Jose, CA. If someone would like to offer to look at it for a fee before I make the trek myself PM me. Thanks. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/5642535021.html
  10. Fantastic read from page 1, but I will need to re-read and digest all this engine terminology, I'm a get's my head working lol Awesome work Derek thanks for sharing! I look forward to your updates! New guy here, first post on this forum too lol
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