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  1. Eastwood now has a fender former for $79. Go to http://www.eastwood.com/autobody/fender-roller/fender-finisher.html Tells you how to heat and get the tire cutter out of the way
  2. A heat gun, which you can get for about $20 is the key. You could rap your aluminum bat with duck tape and just be easy as you go. Get the part of the fender you are going to work on nice and hot (without burning the paint) and just do your thing. I got the portion of the fender which was cutting into my tire rolled good. I may hear a scrape if my air shocks go down in pressure but I know it is not cutting into my tires, just rubbing them. I just acquired a 9" rearend whuch I'm rebuilding to put in my Mustang WHen I get this accomplished I want to order new rear leaf springs. I am going to go from 4 to 5 leafs. Mustang plus makes a 'Street heat kit' that stiffens up the rear.
  3. I've been waiting about a yrae now too. Finally went to Pep-Boys when they had a heat gun on sale and borrowed an aluminum bat. Using a stock steel rim so I don't mess up my rims but I do a little whenever I get the time. No problems yet
  4. http://www.esetuning.com/product-p/fender-roller-rental.htm http://www.streetunit.com/Professional_Fender_Roller_Rental_p/sufrr.htm http://rollyourfender.com/ http://forums.evolutionm.net/midwest-region/409587-fender-roller-rental-touge-factory.html To name a few
  5. This post is starting to sound like the fender roller to nowhere. I have never seen this guy make a concrete commitment to anyone. I asked about using it 6 months ago and since have I gotten no response I just rented one for $50. I think he wants somebody to pay his new roller price so he gets his for free. Time is money. I'm rolled and happy without the BS begging to use this guy's stuff. Make it easy on yourself. Rent one for the weekend for $50 or get a bat and roll your own.
  6. Dave if your are serious and have a list I would sure like to get a chance to use it. I have been restoring a 66 Mustang Coupe (hope this don't offend any Z-guys) and have accumulated some specialty tools so maybe I have something you may need to borrow one day. Everytime I turn a corner too sharp or hit a bump I can hear the rub.
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