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  1. Thank you. I kind of forgot about searching since I was soo absorbed in this post . I'll check out the rest of the posts. Regards
  2. Thank you all for your time I'll have to get an expert to check on the noise and to fix it sadly.. it is not something I should take lightly.. I do drive carefully. I am just worried that it could cause future problems.. what do you think? I do not plan on modifying the exterior that much. It is just like you said, almost too nice to modify. I think that in order to function the way I want it to, I will end up at least changing the wheels. About the diff, I found this link: https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/260z/complete-r200-r230-rear-end-conversion-z-car Wha
  3. Thanks for your replies! Here are some fancy pictures of the car in rainy weather. I don't have any other pictures since my camera is back in the UAE while I am in Italy at the moment.. As you can see, the body does not really require that much work since it is very well taken care of. However, the inside of the car is pretty messed up. Sadly, I don't have any pictures to accompany that at the moment. The problems I discovered as of yet are: The interior needs restoration. No sound or wind isolation. None of the gauges are working. Engine is waaay too
  4. Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a pleasant day. I recently bought a 1970 240z after saving money for a long time. I was excited and said that it will be easy, that I am gonna build it within the next few months. I was naive and after reading a certain post on this website, i was "enlightened". "For the newbie car guys on this forum.. New to building Z cars and etc.." Is the post I read. I now want to take my time to enjoy building the car and learn as much as i can through this "journey". I would like to mention that there is no budget concerning this project since I thin
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