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  1. The CTS checked out good, 3.6 kiloohms at around 50°F. The insulation resistance was also good, no continuity. There is a little bit of greenish corrosion on the plugs, I'm going to clean those, as well as the bullet connectors, any other ideas?
  2. You're totally correct, thank you for that, I misread something somewhere, it's good to know where my engine came from. Any how, I will be checking the CTS or CHTS, whichever is there, and making sure everything is good. I'll test the pins to eachas stated in FSM, as well as from the Ecu.
  3. I will check that. And it's the stock motor, I believe end of 77 is when they started using that head and block combo on the na cars.
  4. Okay, I have done a lot of reading through various forums and I cannot find anything alike enough to my problem to correctly diagnose it. I have both the fsm and the efi bible and have done many of the tests as I will explain. To start off I have a 77 280z, f54 block, p90a head, totally stock. New ngk plugs and wires, gapped correctly, getting good strong spark. The fuseable links have been upgraded to maxifuses, the fuel pump is wired up to a kill switch. I have a fuel pressure tester T'ed between the fuel filter and the fuel rail to check pressure. It ran strong and perfect for
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