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  1. I haven't had any problems with electronics on my FD. From what I was told the controls pack pretty much makes it bare bones to run, not much else to run electronically. As far as the oil pan goes the block is based off of the duratech/mzr block so either a ranger or Miata pan (both are rear sump iirc) will work. The guys that have done the swaps on other vehicles have had success using both. The trans is the one part I'm apprehensive about, but the Miata guys seem to have success when they turbo
  2. Thanks man! If all goes as planned I should have the engine and have some mounts fabbed by the new year
  3. Thanks man I appreciate it, just finished my build list, and hopefully I'll get started on it by the new year
  4. Not rude at all man that's why I started the thread, I'm seeking people's opinions. To answer your question of why; why do any swap? I think simply because you love it, and want to see something you've built come together. As far as the whole sr swap goes, I know that it's tried and true, but the technology behind the ecoboost is a driving factor for me. They're direct injected, and they can take a beating with stock internals. There are numerous guys with bolt ons and wmi making figures deep into the 400's in hp and tq with the focus platform. With just being tuned and dp on the stock turbo g
  5. I was thinking the 2.0, they're the most accessible imo
  6. This is my first post here so I hope I won't get flamed, but I have really been thinking about the possibility of swapping a ford ecoboost motor into a first gen. I daily a focus st, and the car is just a riot so the thought of putting a similar engine in a lighter rwd car is really appealing. The engine itself mates perfectly to a trans from a Miata, and ford sells a control pack (all of which can be had for around $2500) it also bumps power to a claimed 280hp/360tq at the crank on 91. I'm aware of the need to fab a bunch of crap, and run new fuel lines and such. To me it sounds like a pretty
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