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  1. Never thought of that! I did find the supercharger I would run if I go that route though. It is the i-1 by Procharger, it has programmable boost!!
  2. I am having a very hard time deciding if I want to spend crazy amounts of cash on a VR38dett GTR motor and drop in my 280z or build the L28 that is in it. My friend just currently bought a GTR and I would like to at least look like I'm keeping up with it when we are out cruising together, but that's a lot of money and technical work to achieve a VR38dett swap. I'm leaning towards rebuilding my current L28 and putting a centrifugal supercharger on it running into dual intercoolers. I just feel like the VR38dett is overkill for me because I am not looking to be smoking everything out on the road. I am definitely ok with just having 600 horse, give or take,which is why I'm thinking go with the L28 super build. Thoughts????????
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