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  1. My 240 was rear ended in a past life and the previous owner had it fixed in an interesting way. Instead of the inset taillight panels and stock lights it has sheet metal attached flush to the rest of the panels so the back looks very flat, He also had 4 cheapo round (I think 5" diameter, but I forgot to double check that and I'm at work now, I'll update it when I get home) brake lights with no other functionality. The PO ruined the wiring, and when I was driving it to storage before going to college it started on fire under the dash and I haven't touched it since. So I am planning a new harnes
  2. From the sounds of it the guys at industry garage are thinking of making carbon fenders, Check them out on YouTube. I doubt they'd be the stock shape though
  3. Found some cool old videos on youtube of some racing story of the top competitors, Jim Fitzgerald, Paul Newman, Frank Leary, and Logan Blackburn for the 1978 SCCA championship at Road Atlanta. Not all Z related, but if you want to skip to about 9:40 in the video you get some datsun stuff. at 10:47 you can see Bob Sharp blow a tire and roll the car after hitting a barrier.
  4. I'm looking to learn about how to read wiring diagrams and just understand the wiring of Z's better. Anybody have some suggestions on books/ videos That work well for that? Looking at either the diagrams or the actual car has me beyond confused and instead of asking a bunch of beginner questions here I thought it would be better to learn something for myself. Thanks guys!
  5. I'm terrible at wiring, but I've made progress. Nothing I could find could get rid of the foam, gas, acytone, break cleaner, a mix of all of them... I broke off a bit I could reach and just for fun I tried to burn it and it wouldn't even do that until I broke out a propane torch and it still took a while to melt. Ended up running the harness along the wheel well inside the car for now. so here's where I'm at after swapping from a 72 harness to a 71. When I turn the key, I hear clicking on passenger side from one of the flashers? I used a cheap little wire t
  6. So the car was rear-ended at some point in its life. And the person who repaired it did not want to do it right (that's why my taillights are goofy if you were wondering). I also think they replaced the thin metal panel the interior plastics mount to on the passenger side with a new one, because there are weird welds and a copious amount of seam sealer around it. Another bright idea that they had was to fill the area between the thin metal panel that was replaced with a TON of insulating spray foam, and in doing so encased the part of the wiring harness that runs back to the taill
  7. My second Z(First pic), a 71' with great interior and most importantly, a prefect wiring harness to swap into the 72'. My biggest regret with my cars so far was getting rid of this one. It had a lot of cool history behind it. It was owned and raced by a doctor on the east coast. He took it to Panama in the winters to race. It was relatively stock other than bigger sway bars. My 3rd z, a 78'. I bought it for less than I could flip the wheels for and I figured I could use more parts. Car is now resting (for now) in a farm in North Dakota. Hopefully be a drift car some day. Whee
  8. Hey Hybridz, been browsing for about 4.5 years after seeing some videos on Youtube of sbc swapped Z's. I'm 22 in college and this is my first major car related project. My first Z, 72'. Bought her right before I left for Army basic training in July 14'. Bought it without brakes, a cut, spliced and mangled wiring harness, and it was missing the panel over the wiper motor and the body panels under the front bumper. I was told they were still getting paint, but when I called the paint shop they said they never had them, when I went back to the previous owners place I was told he left the c
  9. Well, I fell in love with the white Common Snapper Z car, and after looking through the gallery tab in their website I saw a picture of the white Z with 5 lug hubs and Brembo's. The picture has a label under it that says z33 caliper and rotor. Does anybody know if they sell a kit for a brake/hub swap? I haven't seen much on these guys on the forum, and a lot of the info I have found about them leads to dead links. They also have some really nice looking Coilovers, but they are very expensive. Anybody from the states work with them before? How was shipping times and prices? How was customer se
  10. I've been looking into the Japan racing wheels as well, are you going with the 8 spoke style? When they come in I'd appreciate it if you commented on the quality of the finish and your initial impressions. They have two bolt patterns cut into them, I don't want to derail your thread, but have you or anybody in the community heard of that making the wheels less durable? Thanks, Nick
  11. This is definitely not for everybody, but a very cool build in progress with lots of carbon fiber.
  12. Looking to price out a set of Work Equip 02's. I bought the car at an auction for some interior and suspension stuff and it came with these wheels. One has some curb rash, I'll add a picture of how bad that is when I get a chance. I've seen some on ebay from 800-1000, but I don't know if they are selling at that price. Any advice would be great, Thanks guys!
  13. Thanks for the info NewZed, I had figured that's how it worked, but I didn't want to drop 600 bucks on a set of brakes that I would eventually have to swap out. And thank you NeverDone, I'm a 4 hour drive from my car and any of my manuals. so the description of how the power got delivered was helpful, I'll be sure to reread the sticky's a few more times.
  14. I should have been more specific when I said I was getting off topic. I was just trying to see if I was understanding that post on the sticky correctly when asking about the 280z with a long nose r200. I'm still interested in the q45's short nose, but it seems like there is a lot more involved in it, and with my limited knowledge on this, I might need to reconsider. To my previous post, if I did swap the 280z long nose and it's companion flange and stub axle, would I then be in the market for 280z brakes? I just want to make sure I'm understanding the basics of this b
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