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  1. DBLopez

    Datsun competition hood scoop

    Any ideas on how to make it work on the s130 or what would need to be done to have it fit perfect?
  2. DBLopez

    Datsun competition hood scoop

    I love it too, I just think that scoop would look amazing on the s130 lol
  3. Hey guys. So I came across this on MSA, http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02d/50-1608, and fell in love. Lo and behold, only for s30 models. Does anyone know someone who makes these for the 280zx, s130, models years? I would love to put this on my hood! Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. DBLopez

    NJ: S130 part out + some S30 parts

    The weather stripping is basically, to my knowledge, separated or cut in half. Top and bottom halves. I need the bottom half, it is attached to the bottom part of the door I think. My Zx has none so I am just assuming. Pics would be great!
  5. DBLopez

    NJ: S130 part out + some S30 parts

    Do you have lower door weather stripping for 280zx for both doors? And what condition is the 280zx dash in? Located in CA.
  6. DBLopez

    280zx door weather stripping

    Hey guys looking for weather stripping for both doors! Both top and bottom pieces. Preferably someone in SoCal so I can pick up right away! Thank you!
  7. DBLopez


    That actually looks amazing. And the reason I ask for the S130 is that I have it haha This is something to consider...
  8. DBLopez


    If you could that would be wonderful! I'd love to see a picture even if photoshopped, rather than just an idea in my head haha You mention S30, what about S130? I know the pillar is still nonexistent with it, but what do you think about the door length and such things?
  9. DBLopez


    Do you think the mirrors would possibly look good if they directly replaced the side mirrors on the door? for instance, I notice on my 280zx that the mirrors are on the door, but if aero mirrors were to replace they could maybe be a direct fab on? I'm not sure haha
  10. DBLopez


    I agree fender mirrors are nice! But I think it's time for something different
  11. DBLopez


    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has done any custom work on the s130 or s30 for aero mirrors. I think the flush look of them would give better aerodynamics (obviously) than most of the side mirrors available. Problem is I know that the mirrors on s130 and s30 chassis are located on the door itself rather than on the small a-pillar. I like this style https://www.constant-collection.com/collections/aero/products/nissan-silvia-s14-ganador-power-aero-mirrors-1 and I think if there was a way to get aero mirrors on our cars they'd give it a sleek look that would rival fender mirrors. If anyone has done this or knows a way to get these done let me know! I really would love to have these things!!
  12. DBLopez

    280zx transmission swap

    As far as what might you suggest?
  13. DBLopez

    280zx transmission swap

    Awesome thank you for the links! I'll read up. I suppose that is a broad term.. I will take that into consideration and redefine my goal.
  14. DBLopez

    280zx transmission swap

    I am running NA so I'd assume then that the 240sx would be the ideal?
  15. Hey guys, I am currently looking to replace my transmission in about a month or so, but was hoping for somewhat of an upgrade to my current 1981 280zx NA tranny. I have seen some do a 240sx swap and others do z32 swaps. What are the pros and cons of each one? Are there other transmissions that are worth looking at or would it be better to just replace my current one with a newer one. Thank you guys!