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  1. Mr.Twitty

    Engine managment system

    I'm looking to get a COMPLETE M.S. setup or SDS.. not interested in soldering anything together.
  2. Mr.Twitty

    oil pan for rb swap

    I'm looking for someone who can fabricate a oil pan sump on a Rb engine to help it fit into a s130 2+2..email me at lamonttwitty@gmail
  3. Mr.Twitty

    Parting out 1983 280zx Turbo,

    Look for A/c compressor
  4. Mr.Twitty

    z31 turbo ECU needed

    I need a turbo ECU from a Nissan 300zxt year range from 83-84. I need the connectors for the ecu with a couple of inches of wire still on them. I also need the MAF with connector and a few inches of wire and the chopper wheel. If anyone can help me with these parts I would appreciate it
  5. Mr.Twitty

    Turbo exhaust manifold

    I got one for sale. It has a broken stud on it. Shoot me an email
  6. Mr.Twitty

    Turbo Parts Needed

    I have a throttle body from a 240sx
  7. Looking for a/c compressor that works from a 83 Turbo 280..
  8. I totally understand your frustration with your Z. I am tempted to sale mine.I have been fighting with idling issues myself on my turbo z. I have replaced fuel filter(twice),New fuel pump,fuel pressure regulator,every vacuum lines and fuel line replaced,New pcv,air filter,timing. adjustment,New plugs and wire,New oxygen sensor,New MAF and Damn near an entire summer raking my brain. It's just sickening the money and time. Rebekahsz comment got me thinking about crossing over to the dark side(LS club).. I would like to go find out how hard the swap would be
  9. Mr.Twitty

    A/C lines

    Trying to figure out this feedback so I can leave a good feedback
  10. Mr.Twitty

    Parting out an 83 280zx Turbo

    Do you have the t-top covers for the inside.
  11. Mr.Twitty

    A/C lines

    How much for both lines??
  12. Mr.Twitty

    A/C lines

  13. Mr.Twitty

    A/C lines

    The one that connects to the backside of the compressor
  14. Jamal do you have the rubber seal that connects between the J tube and the throttle body?? I need it
  15. Mr.Twitty

    j tube rubber gasket/seal

    I need the rubber seal/gasket that fits on the J tube and the throttle housing.