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  1. Sylvre

    350z seats in 280zx

    Sorry for the late reply just saw this thread. I tried 350z seats in my 280zx coupe, they won't work for me. They sat several inches higher and will not go back as far, I think they sat 3-4 inches further forward. If your under 6 ft they may work for you and if you have a 2+2 they will probably work. I cut the legs off the bottom of the 350z sliders as the sliders are part of the seat base. I then welded 1" wide 1/8" flat bar to the sliders at the correct spacing for the stock sliders. A better way to do it would be to drop the factory sliders and weld custom floor brackets to the 350z sliders, that would get your seat height lower but won't help with how far it will afflicts back.
  2. Sylvre

    RB oil pan question

    I found a guy local selling a aluminum rear sump pan for an RB into s30. Does anyone know if it will work for my S130?
  3. Sylvre

    L28ET MLS exh gasket

    Tony, would you happen to have any pictures of that setup or similar?
  4. Sylvre

    WTB: L28 turbo manifold

    yes I need a turbo exhaust Manifold, post is edited sorry for the confusion.
  5. Sylvre

    WTB: L28 turbo manifold

    I'm looking for a l28 turbo exhaust manifold local to GA or shipped doesn't matter let me know if you have one thanks. Roger
  6. Sylvre

    350z seats in 79 280zx

    Alright guys after Exhaustive searching I have found lots of 350z seats in S30's and a few pictures but no write-ups of 350z seats in S130's. I cut the brackets off the 350z seats and welded cross braces on the sliders this allowed it to bolt to the stock slider rails nicely, however I can't get the seat to go back far enough back the rear of the seat mechanism hits the first step up in the body pan, has anyone put these seats in their 280zx? and if so did you modify the seat or the floor pan to clear? I can't just lift the seat higher to clear the step due to my height (6'3") and I don't want to cut into the floor pan without checking with more experienced Z pros first! Thanks for any help you can give.