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  1. The momo 3503 is 80mm tall. I measured the stock wheel to be about 375mm in diameter, the thickness is about 25-30mm, and overall height is about 110mm. Meaning, a 30mm dish steering wheel on the momo hub would be very similar to the stock setup.
  2. Ha, no worries. I just got the email myself. I ended up with Sparco R100's. They're ok. Not great, not particularly comfortable, but they fit and are supportive. I made my own brackets, had but later removed sliders to get lower, and replaced the seat belts. I moved the receptacle to a trans-tunnel mount at the same time. My biggest complaint right now is how the seat belt bumps into the wings at the top of the seat. Anyways, thanks for finding this and the reply
  3. How tall is the momo 3503 adapter, does anyone know or could you measure it? I'd like a new wheel in my 280zx but do not want it too much closer to me than stock. I'm looking at some 330 to 350 mm sparco wheels but they have different amounts of dish too. Thank you!
  4. Good info, great to know. I have a set of Sparco R100's coming in the mail soon - I (thankfully) decided to pass on the used 350z seats I'd found. Phew!
  5. I'd guess return shipping will be killer. Unfortunately I don't live nearby any OMP or Sparco vendors.
  6. OMP https://www.ogracing.com/omp-style-sport-seat Sparco https://www.ogracing.com/sparco-r100-seat-4
  7. I'm looking for new seats in my 280zx for safety and support during HPDE. I see a lot of hype here about the Sparco R100's, which a tape measure shows ought to fit in the car. I'm also looking at the OMP Style, which is slightly larger - roughly the size of Corbeau A4's. The salesman at the vendor I called said the Sparco's are not very comfortable, but that the OMP might not fit in the car. Does anybody have thoughts or advice here? Thank you
  8. These are the seats from MSA, right? Do you know where they are made? How is the support during spirited driving?
  9. Does anybody have pics of manual 350z seats (2003) in a 280zx? How are the brackets done? Does it raise seating area significantly? Thank you!
  10. Chicken man - you have mail 3) sorry, the intercoolers are all in boxes. I went on an EBay spree, but haven't installed anything. 4) Intake is the stock airbox routed through 2 1/2" mandrel bent pipe to the turbo 5) Jpipe is here: ^ This pic is slightly dated. I have a Champion radiator and electric Spal pusher fan now. I've also installed a catch can between the block vent and PCV. Re, alternator. Great question, no idea. I have a Dodge Monaco alternator installed, and I recently put in a car stereo noise filter to try to dampen some of the voltage sp
  11. Hi guys - I'm in a crunch here. I have a track day coming up in August and I need to do something about my high IATs. I got some help on msextra (pulling more timing, richening up the AFR targets in boost). But - what should I do for a bit of insurance? - race gas. I can get 100 octane at the track, or additives - colder plugs? I have BPR7ES right now. BPR8ES, or BR8ES maybe, but does this affect the tune? - methanol injection? It would have to go in the j-pipe inches from the throttle body. I might be able to move my IAT sensor, which is currently in the J-pipe -
  12. Brake lights seem OK. But I'll check it out, thanks! And I'll order a new clevis pin (or see if my local dealer can get it). I appreciate the help, thank you!
  13. My clutch pedal clicks. Its definitely coming from under the dash or firewall area. I suppose it could also be the master cylinder, though It happens both when I push the clutch in and let it up. I recently found some bits of amber or orange plastic on the floorboard. Perhaps these things are related? I'd appreciate any advice you guys have... I need to stay upright for a bit now, too much time spent upside down with my head in the footwell!
  14. Bringing this back up to add more info and details to the already excellent information here. I am upgrading an 82 280zx. You can swap the stock 280zx pulley onto the 91 Dodge Monaco alternator and use the same belt. The part number for the pigtail is Dorman 85854. I drilled a bolt through the center and tapped it for a #8 screw to use as the ground lugs from Datsun are pretty small. I also had to file out the main lug since the stud is slightly larger on this alternator. Eventually I'd like to run new wiring back to the battery, but this was the easiest way to get the car back on
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