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  1. Thanks JSM, Yes I was the lucky guy. His name is Vinny. I live about a hour down the road. It was a solid deal, hes happy, I'm happy. Rare!
  2. Thanks Miles. Ive been riding in them since I was 8 years old. 41 now and I have had a few over the years. My son is 12 and I took him for his first ride in a 240 Friday night..... Its truly my all time favorite car. I am excited to get this one up and going after the past 10 owners did not own a manual or bother to ask questions. For example I adjusted the SU's yesterday and discovered it was at best 50% throttle at WOT. LOL the battery was grounded to the battery tray and the tail lights were wired to have the recepticals be hot all the time when we know they are supposed to be grounded....
  3. Miles, I am going to take your advice. I plan on tracking this car and instead of replacing a few needed parts I am going to replace it all and start new. I owe you one and appreciate the time you gave to helping my problem. Great advice! Thanks again
  4. Hi, Thank you very much for taking the time to write all of that out. Its appreciated. 1. What, if any, modifications have been made to the brake system? Be specific. The car is new to me by roughly 24 hours ago. Their are no upgrade type mods. 2. Have you removed the master cylinder? yes / no ...No 3. Have you replaced the booster? yes / no ...No 4. Have you inspected the brake pads/shoes for wear? yes / no ....Yes pads,,,,, no shoes 5. Have you adjusted the the rear shoes? yes / no .... No 5. Do you ever have to pump t
  5. Hello Hybrid Z, Long time reader, first time posting. I need some help with my new to me 72 240. Ill be as quick as possible. Here's my problem..... My brake petal goes nearly to the floor before breaking. Once its there I have a some squish/pressure and the brakes work like a champ. When I say like a champ I mean its stops full stopping power. There is no gradual braking at all. Anyway thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.
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