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  1. I pulled the air box off an dit had oil around the filter, also it was really black around the carb intake parts. I pushed the nozzles and they both returned, so they're not stuck. im going to do another compression test, and put some oil in to see if the numbers change. I don't have the tester that screws in i just have a quick one that has a rubber plug around it that you shove in the spark plug hole. Possibly air leak around it that gives such low numbers? ill post the test numbers later
  2. wow 20-25 mpg i wish i got that. I Going to buy the tune up video from z therapy since it has the su rebuild part included. and its only $15. I checked the new spark plugs and they seem oil free but covered in carbon bulid up. and they've only seen 120 miles so far. its dark out now so i'll try the oil trick in the morning.
  3. I pulled the plugs and they had carbon and a little bit of oil around the number 3 cylinder. also looking at the oil dipstick it looks really runny. If gas is leaking down into the crank how could i test and what does that mean repair wise?
  4. Yeah and the end of my tailpipe there is a lot of black build up.Okay so i should probably get my carbs adjusted to run leaner. And i was thingking about seafoaming it through the tank and the brake booster sound safe enough?
  5. Okay okay so i have a lead foot. i did a quick compression test and they were all around 75-85 so is that good? Also when i drive around it smells like gas for sure, i think the floats are not quite adjusted rigth so the carbs are running rich. also my spark plug get a lot of carbon build up on them it looks like, what could cause this?..oil?? next time i run low i'll try what Pharaoh said and see what i actually get. Thanks for the insight
  6. Okay so i Swapped out my old wiper motor or the honda one and wow what a difference!!! also while i had it out i sprayed air all over the cowl to get gunk out and i took cannonball55 advice and shoved some chaulking along the seem with the firewall and around the metal box on the right of the wiper motor. Amazingly the passanger side doesn't leak around the dash anymore, but the driver side still has a minor leak down by the gas pedal. ITS A MIRACLE NO LEAKS...well almost.
  7. Okay well my 72 z is a major gas guzzler. i put 5 gallons in and it only gets me 35 or so miles, which is ridiculous. My setup is a l28 thats running duals su's the good ones. i don't have the charcoal canisiter or fuel return lines on it. I was wondering if anybody has some insight on how i can get more than 6 miles or so to the gallon?
  8. Do you think that the cowl is the reason that the drivers side is also wet? Or is it some other problem.
  9. OH i've checked my floor pans and on the passenger side its practically gone. Well once this rain stops i'll go check the cowl.
  10. First off my car has some problems, but then again it is a Z. Well here in Oregon it is pouring and i've just noticed how much my car leaks!!! Water is coming in from everywhere. On the drivers side it is leaking in from the bottom of the door, and somewhere by the transmission tunnel up under the dash. theres always a puddle right under the gas peddle. Then on the passenger side its dripping in from the dash right under the vent. I have no idea where its coming from. Anyone have a similiar problem? its a '73 240Z
  11. the pedal is just really firm and hard to push in. I'll go check the MC
  12. what can cause my brakes to be really stiff. when i apply the brakes the pedal doesn't move very much. i have a 73 240z and the whole system is stock...i think. i read a post that it might be a check valve, could it be something else too?
  13. I was just wondering if there is any kind of upgrade that you can do to a 240z that will make it actually blow enough air to defrost. also is there anything that will make it heat up faster?
  14. Thanks guys you have opened my eyes to how much of a pain in the a$$ it would be. i bought the v8 jtr book and realised its going to cost more than my 2000 budget. I still feel that although a turbo l28 would be nice im just not a big fan of them.
  15. does anyone near Portland, Oregon have a pair of front and rear bumpers for sale off of a 1973 240z? i really need them.. i guess its illegal. lol
  16. I have a 73 240z and it has a mechanical fuel pump on it. I drove it around town and i noticed oil spray on the spark plug wires. It looks like its coming from the fuel pump. Are there any rebuild kits for it or should i just buy a low pressure electronic pump?
  17. thanks for all of the input it seems like i have a lot of work ahead of me. i was planning on going the donor car since it has all the little bits and pieces i'd need. I think i might go carbed since its more simple and less time consuming. i just want it as a commuter car that has the power when i need it so im not looking for anything fancy.
  18. yeah i have the original seats in it and i already lowered it a good inch since i took off some weird spacers. its just so hard to fit my hand under it to get the back seat bolt. would it be hard to cut out the brackets and makes new ones. its a possibilty since it pretty rusted already and i was planning on getting new rails/pans.
  19. well my budget is tops 2000 and i'll be having a family mechanic help me do it. i mainly want it to be a daily driver but still have the power when i want it... im needed a "suggestion" on what motor i should look for to purhase since there are so many different types, mainly the year and what car i can get it from.
  20. i have a 240z and my motor is dying on me, so im seriously thinking of putting in a v8. i think a 350 will be the best there are a lot of posts on here and i plan on buying the jtr conversion kit will all the needed parts. my big Question is what is a good v8 carbed or FI? What year is the best v8? Any certain car or trunk should i get it out of?
  21. Hi i have a 240z and it has some rust problems ... the passenger floorpan has a big hole in it, it flintstones style lol. I need a someone that can weld me up some new pans and rails for a reasonable price that is i the portland area. if i supplied new pans and rails what would it cost me? or would it be cheaper/easier to let them make them.
  22. I currently have a 72 240 and i lov ethe feel of the car but i have a problem. When i drive it my head is practically touching the roof. Im 6'3'' and im thinking a 280 has more headroom in it so i might sell it and buy a 280. Is there any more headroom in a 280?
  23. I need a set of floor pans and rails for both passenger and driver sides of my 72 240z. pm any offers and price
  24. Im 6'3 and my stock 240z seats don't cut it. My head is rubbing on the roof is there a seat that'll lower my driving height much? or should i abandon my 240z for a taller 280z?
  25. i have a 72 240z with a l28 in it that is running su's. it has the E88 intake on it. Well, when i start it up with the choke full it sounds good but once i take the choke off it starts to sputter and then die unless i pull the choke back open. Also when i drive it from a dead stop the car sputters and almost dies but if i pull the choke it saves it. I've put on a brand new intake/exhaust gasket and it still does it. Does any one have any ideas?
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