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  1. What'd you end up getting? The craigslist link is expired
  2. So you shouldn't dip it in cosmoline? (that's a joke)
  3. Why does a Geo Metro need to be smog regulated? Don't they burn about a gallon of gas a year?
  4. I haven't read the whole thread because I'm sick and have a headache, so if you or someone has already mentioned this then nevermind. Check and see if your school has shorter international trips as well. I'm taking a three week trip to Namibia in May through UNL and I know there's a Christmas break trip every year that goes to NZ or Tasmania (alternating years) which is 2 or 3 weeks. You won't get to really study and spend a lot of time there, but it's a great way to travel. On my trip we get to see about 3/4 the country in three weeks and meet a bunch of local students and their families and
  5. Yeah, I'd agree it looks like aphids. Check google for what to do. I'm pretty sure you can spray the plants with a pesticide to clear up the problem if you don't want to manage a colony of ladybugs too.
  6. Read: Someone took a sawz-all to the roof
  7. Very nice car and congrats on the record! I prefer jigging to tip-ups though. In Nebraska you can't drink on state lakes so it keeps your mind off the cold jigging your little rod around. Ice season is still a month away here!
  8. I've never seen a bosozoku bike or scooter before. Seems like there would be some aerodynamic issues with such a high seat back
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/96-Western-Star-4964F-Day-Cab-Semi-Truck-Tractor-NO-RES-/230535919115?pt=Commercial_Trucks&hash=item35ad02f60b That's not too expensive. You'd probably have to get a CDL though, huh?
  10. Glue it on your shifter knob if the knob isn't anything special
  11. Hahaha, "It's a little more tricky, cuz I have to start it with a screwdriver"
  12. Psha, is that even a question?! Single plane! Too bad we don't have any twisty roads in Nebraska. It's either straight paved roads or straight gravel/dirt roads Kayak or canoe?
  13. Then you are no better than the morally corrupt oil barons who have single handedly destroyed one of the most important marine ecosystems in the world. Get your check from BP and take the pill. dhp123166, if I remember correctly you are in Georgia and are in much closer proximity to this disaster than myself but I share your outrage and disgust at what our fellow man has done and the lack of responsibility and the absence of a shred of moral fiber anywhere in our government or bp. As these events unfold in the Gulf, here in Nebraska the oil company TransCanada is pushing to build a pipel
  14. Oh god, that's amazing! I cried laughing! The news reporter was the best
  15. I wonder how long it will take the owner to google some pics of a Ferrari engine bay?
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