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  1. L67z

    WTB L28ET

    I have an l28 still in the car bought in arkansas oct. this year doing a v8 convertion on car soon motor ready to pull out have original fuel injection set up or 4bbl manifold no carb located 100 miles west of chicago just off us30 on us52 amboy il. you can call to talk 815-677-3029 845000miles run very well also have 5 speed trans all brackets and air parts got to busy on my house to work on since 1 november
  2. got the bumpers off yestday going to work on the flaking and rust in hatch area today josh has the wheels and tires with him at work giving them a good going over and re balance those tires good enough for a few runs in stock mod then they go away konig rewind 16x8 with 255 50 16 rear 235 50 16 up front brake up grade coming soon josh want to check with you to make sure he gets the right parts. really like this car gets more exciting everyday found a lot of info in the car about the former owner shuld help a lot.
  3. one more thing my son can't get off work tell noon sat. we will leave as soon as he gets here mybe a little late coming in
  4. matt still planing the trip e-mail on post ubove if you have somemore pic please send them otherwise see you when we get thier
  5. i did earlyer today somehow didn'ttay e-mail listed above please send pics
  6. to dum to know this is the truth
  7. i'll bring my own bear to deal with that
  8. matt: the date i can make it thier is 10-2 9 hour drive so leaveing as ealy as we can to be thier in the afternoon the bill of sale is ok a bonded title takes 3 years to clear that time is about up i guess
  9. a bill of sale is fine just trying to get a head start on it
  10. retired welder thats not a problem but dont what to do all that work if icant get a title is it lost or what?
  11. matt my son has vacation days 9-27-9-28 looking into putting it togethter a week sooner i'm retired and very free with time will see this week i really need something to do that looks like just what i want father son project race car round2 did an old junk yark 67 buick in the 90/s had a blast with it could/nt aford arool cage then had to stop @12.20 109 this one can go much farther looking at low 8s high 7s target ls small block turbo nitres to pick up turbo lag the other car was silver too
  12. have the money 10-1 i have truck and trialer nothern ill. my be able make the trip sat the 2nd cash in hand if you get more pic e-mail stage2beaner@yahoo.com or can talk on phone 815-677-3029 gene loged in on my sons account here
  13. looks good for the price what is missing?
  14. i am one in the same lost a disagreement withn the law, spent a little time hated to miss that one, 4500 not for me good luck with the gto search
  15. i would like pics and a ballpark price also love the gto may be able to do somthing email stage2beaner@yahoo,com ps im 100 miles west of chicgo looking for a z,
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