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  1. L67z

    WTB L28ET

    I have an l28 still in the car bought in arkansas oct. this year doing a v8 convertion on car soon motor ready to pull out have original fuel injection set up or 4bbl manifold no carb located 100 miles west of chicago just off us30 on us52 amboy il. you can call to talk 815-677-3029 845000miles run very well also have 5 speed trans all brackets and air parts got to busy on my house to work on since 1 november
  2. Do you really think if I had the wheels Id have to ask? I know its stamped on em lol. Been fixin cars for 15 years and do it for a living just wonderin if they were worth lookin into. Obviously not since 6 in wheels will not carry the tires i want to use. Thanks for the info guys.
  3. Can anyone tell me the factory width/backspacing of 280zx snowflake 15 inch wheels? Im interested in gettin some for my project just not sure if they are wide enuff. Thanks for any help!
  4. That SUV looks like an Infinity FX to me....
  5. I disagree about the big wheels. With today's suspension and tire technology it is certainly possible to have the BIG WHEEL look going on and still ride quite well. A lot of showroom new cars ride like a caddy with 18 to 20 inch wheels! To each his own of course on the look of the wheels....I prefer others to those myself. The taillights look just like some my buddy had on his custom van lol........
  6. Its very cool to get a reply on this thread cuz its a combo ive remembered and thought was a good idea for 20+ years. Any idea what kind of hp your car is making? Just curious Im obviously on an entirely different path but I would very much like to find another old z(I consider 70-74 my personal favorite) and restore it with a setup like you have. My 3800 s/c z project is gonna be an awesome insanely fast Gmachine but it wont be the same. One day Ill need to build my own purist/type nissan powered z. These cars are as much a part of me as the Buicks Ive also come to modify because Dad had them too. Ive had 455 skylark GS cars.... 67w a 430ci 400turbo, 69 with a later 455 smog motor(still torquey!) A 70 gs 455 cam intake headers holley....the list goes on and on. Ive always dreamed of a zcar with a Buick engine although im surprized it took so long and ended up a v6 s/c. One day the 6 will get old and I will put a 455 in it. This year Ill flog the 3800 with a 200 shot and see how long it lives!
  7. I remember when my Dad overwound his original L24 engine back in the 80s he went right out and got an L28 and stuck his cyl head and other parts on it and I remember the car runnin mabye 14.50s in the 1/4 mile and perhaps saw as much as 150 mph top speed. He had some strange aftermarket type mikuni carbs and a hi po cam in it....retarded cam timing I think I remember..... The stupid little car would actually pull the right front tire off the ground when he'd jab the throttle a few times. Is this a common setup for N/A guys or was it out of the ordinary? Just interested in you fellas opinions on that combination.
  8. L67z

    GM 3800 s/c Zcar

    Sweet pic of a GNZ!!! Hopefully I will be the first with a Series 2 supercharged. Ive made 400 hp from a street oriented GTP while still gettin about 25 mpg. Ran 100 hp nos kit on that car and my buddy was runnin low 13s with 500lbs of stereo in his trunk smokin the front tires well past 60' at close to 3800lbs w driver. The biggest thing with his car was his trap speeds....110 plus. My series 1 riv ran 13.80s at about 100 with a 100 dry shot but it was 4000lbs and had tall gears. Too bad they dont make hot rod series 1 parts or i'd put one in my z. Alas I will have to build my series2 to get up over 400 hp- add a 200 nos shot in A 2500LB Z and things could get hairy! Im sure these engines make 500-600lbs of torque on the spray so this thing may be the best sleeper ive ever had! Ill keep yas posted!
  9. Well fellas Im 35 and I drove my first 70 240z at the ripe old age of EIGHT!! My Dad was a supercool drag racin kinda Dad so he put me on his lap about 6 years old and i was clutchin alone by 8. Never forget the time some puppies ran out in front of me in that old z... 8 years old slammed on the brakes-forgot the clutch and bucked and jerked them puppies down hahaha!! I tried to redo the car at the age of 16 when i realized the title didnt match the car! Since then Ive owned 2- 24os 1- 260 a 280zx and Iam currently planning to purchase a 280z in Indiana to install my series2 supercharged GTP v6 in for an all around drag/street/road course multipurpose funmobile! Ill post pics as I progress toward my goals-sub 11 sec 1/4mile-1g grip-25mpg
  10. LMAO!!! Yes Mr. Teecher I agree!! Ive been an auto tech since 92 and I suppose Ive welded just about everything known to metallurgy together at one time or another and can attest to the power of the poisonous fumes.... Ive always found galvanized steel to be the most offensive metal to weld. Id rate cast iron engine parts the most difficult to repair with a welder. Gettin it hot and weldin it in the proper window of time is not always easy.
  11. L67z

    GM 3800 s/c Zcar

    Which version/year 3800 were you using? Series 1 or 2? What transmission did you have in the car? What PCM did you use to make it work? Im quite interested in swapping 3800 fwd s/c engines into rwd small imports. Thanks for the reply any info would be appreciated!
  12. L67z

    GM 3800 s/c Zcar

    I did a search or 20 myself last night and was dissapointed to see Scottie GNZ sold his car? Would have liked to see pics of it. Perhaps my searching skills on this forum are still too virginal? Ill try again tonight....
  13. L67z

    GM 3800 s/c Zcar

    Anyone here currently have any 3800 z? GN or newer style?
  14. Ya I agree everytime I hit the button in my daily driver 04 cavalier ecotec....13.80s w air filter exhaust and 80 shot dry. camaro and mustang kids hate that......Love makin V8s cry Muhaha
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