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    Artist and teaching assistant from Southern California. Second time owning a 1968 VW Bus. First one was a rust bucket and sometimes ran. This time around I have a shell and about 10 years or less to build it from the ground up. Planning a Subaru EJ22 swap with a variety of accessory and interior mods.
  1. Thanks for responding. I'm really avoiding belly mounting if your approach can be refined. I'm going to try and keep your setup on top of the inspiration list. I'm probably still going to relocate the battery to a hidden compartment inside the cab so I'm thinking of creating ducting/that pulls in air from the side vents directly onto the radiator (like a manifold type design)... instead of radiators on those side vent spaces, I'll consider having extra fans for redundancy... not there yet, though.
  2. Also, forgot my other question: How much hotter did you get during stop-and-go traffic on those hot days?
  3. New guy here! I'm in the early steps of reconstructing a 68 bay, and I love your rear mounted approach for the radiator. There's a lot of planning to be done before I even get into body work and reconstructing the ej22 engine in my garage. Question here, and it might sound super noob but I still feel like asking: What is considered an adequate temperature range? Obviously you got cooler temps with the second rad belly mounted, I get that. But If you were to add the extra fans to your singular setup, could you get cool enough to say "that's more than sufficient"? I'm in Southern Ca
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