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  1. For what it's worth I used a 1" MC in my S-52 conversion. It was pretty stiff but worked. I *think* a 7/8" would be large enough to function (about 3/4 the fluid volume of a 1") and should be much more pleasant. Your conversion looks great, by the way!
  2. TacticBurger, Do not post in an ad unless you are genuinely interested in buying. No negative comments will be tolerated. If you don't like something, walk away. And fix your location.
  3. Car is sold. Thanks to everyone for the interest.
  4. I'd love for Thomas to have it. Then soon after, we'd have to change his username
  5. Yep, the engine/transmission is out of my red car. The ECU is the same brand (Wolf) but new and never been fired up.
  6. The owner of this car is my son-in-law. Sadly, he has developed serious medical complications and has asked me to help sell his 240. I’ll answer whatever questions I can, and if interested, I’ll arrange a meeting to see the car in person (in Beaverton Oregon). He has owned the car for approximately 15 years and it has always been garage kept in his ownership. I don’t know much of the prior history of the car, other than I picked it up for him in the Eugene area. I’ve driven the car a handful of times over the years and it always drove nicely. Previous owners installed ST lowering springs, sway
  7. Never tried white vinegar, but when I was looking into it I wasn't finding anything that showed white vinegar to be any where near as effective as apple cider vinegar. I have never diluted it - always used at 'full strength'. Whatever you use it on will begin to surface rust almost immediately (minutes) after the treatment, so you should plan on some sort of inhibitor IMMEDIATELY after rinsing. When I did my tank I poured about a cup-full of WD40 into the tank, swirled around for a few minutes, and drained. That kept it clean until it was put into service.
  8. That amount of rust wouldn't concern me. If you still want it gone in a more environmentally friendly way, soak it in apple cider vinegar. Here is a before/after of a VW trans mount that soaked for a few days and just rinsed off with water... I've used it on a fuel tank as well with great results. The caveat is that the item must be completely submerged in the vinegar because steal will rust when in contact with the vinegar VAPORS. So, you must fill the tank entirely. Or, in the case of the mount pictured above, it was completely submerged in a container.
  9. The stock Subaru thermostat is 172 degrees and not fully open until somewhere around 195 (and they are also cold side control). It seems stock EJ22 Suby’s typically run at right around 190-205 degrees. I don’t generally start worrying about an engine until it breaks 250. I’d say “maybe”. I believe the radiator is big enough for stock horsepower, so it really becomes about getting enough airflow across it. Not any hotter. Stop and go traffic runs the fans, but maintains the temperature, much like a ‘normal’ car. Good luck with your Bay and keep us posted on your progr
  10. Not really anything to report. No cooling issues at all. I would guess if it was a fully loaded camper it may need more cooling capacity than what I've done.
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