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  1. Sleek Z


    In reference to the black Z with body mods in old west named image, that is not an IMSA body kit as you are calling it, but in all likelihood, from what I see, it looks like the rear quarter bulge flares are from one of John Washington's kits whereas the front is from either a Tomahwk Z kit or some other Cobra wannabe kit. Most old school, original IMSA body kits, ie Tildon or one from Corvette shop in SF Bay area of CA are gone from the market, but there is a new one being sold out of Oregon these days that makes a pretty good impression of days of old. One of my customers based in Tex
  2. To the original starter of this Thread and ALL Couple of years ago I started creating what I call a Z CAR SHOWCASE photo display at my ZPARTS.COM website, divided into a lot of sub galleries devoted to excellent examples of customized Z cars, mostly taken by myself at shows and some of my customer's cars. I have a sub gallery there titled "Customizing" under which is an "Interiors" gallery of aprox 12 photos that might inspire many of you to new heights of ambition in your interior customizing projects. There you will see green cloth, red leather and dyed plastic interiors as well as "
  3. Jason As semi interesting as Hollywood Motorsports' original mid 1990's advertising shots may have seemed way back when, I found them way too tacky looking and sub parr for my tastes when the designer and I first set out to market the conversion kit on my site so I refused to publish them in any ADs I created for it. May have dented his ego a bit, but mine felt right on track with no regrets. The good luck was that one of my customers, which had a stage II kit installed on his roadster Z project, called up one freez'in afternoon to ask whether I'd like to see his car now that it
  4. Demo v4 of my new Z CAR SHOWCASE display project just went up Nov 26th. Direct link to it is http://www.zparts.com/showcase/zcsc/default.html There's one really great shot of Kansas based Melanie Barkley's wheel standing 240Z in the Racing Z Cars photo gallery as well as a decent one of Ron Jones's older car during a night time launch down in Arkansas, but I really need some great new action shots to add to that gallery. Can any of you here help out with great shots of your cars at the strip that I can publish? If yes, please send them to me at photos@zparts.com Turbo Meis
  5. Nov 27, 2005 Annoucement: The "Custom Tail light Swap" visual reference page at ZPARTS.COM has been moved to a new webserver URL. Please bookmark if for future reference if you follow this topic thread often. You can now find a new updated version (10 new photos added) of the "TAIL LIGHTS SHOWCASE" in the sub gallery within the new Z CAR SHOWCASE online visual reference project that I am building at ZPARTS.COM at the following URL. http://www.zparts.com/showcase/zcsc/default.html A couple of years ago I started this topic thread. From what I am told, it has long held the
  6. Jason Regarding photos of the yellow Hollywood Z Spyder Kit in the Z CAR SHOWCASE (ZCSC) display, I am the photographer that took all those photos. If you see them being used to advertise the kit on the internet, other than on my site, I'd appreciate a heads up on where you've seen them because I suspect the person building the kit may be using them without my permission to sell it elsewhere without my knowledge, possibly on eBay. Note, the pic of your tube'd front end Z project that's up in the Tilt Front end page at http://www.zparts.com/showcase/bodykits/S301pc_front/tiltfrt_sa
  7. A contact of mine just sent me a top notch shot of the #33 Bob Sharp car in action a few months ago at an east coast track where he was also racing at. According to him the car was originally raced by Bob Sharp as a "240Z" and later by Paul Newman as a "280Z". It was 100% restored in 2002 and now is owned by a prominent New Hampshire businessman. That shot is now up for viewing in the Racing Z CarsRoad Racers sub gallery in my recently updated Z CAR SHOWCASE. Link to that unique photo display is at http://www.zparts.com/showcase/zcsc/default.html I'd not deem this car to
  8. ZISIZIT of Nevada sent me an original brochure long ago. Several months ago I scanned the full page front cover showing several views of the kit and 4 cylinder setup of the ZISIZIT kit. A scaled down version of that scan can be viewed in my new Z CAR SHOWCASE online reference archive that I have been developing at my site at http://www.zparts.com/showcase/zcsc/default.html Look in the Body KitsZISIZIT sub gallery NOTE: a much expanded Demo version # 4 of the Z CAR SHOWCASE was just uploaded to the server yesterday. Aprox. 100 more images have been added. The body kit
  9. Guys Wanted to thank all for the good response so far to my "minimalistic" concept & solution post. Mike KZ's link to alternate brake and clutch alternatives was the most useful. I am most hoping that others will share more links to similar companies and products similar to what Mike pointed me to. Most of the ideas brought up have crossed my mind or I agree with, especially Owen's. When I have a bit more time I will address the pros and cons of several suggested to the point that I have thought them out so far. I have always been attracted to the rotary engine i
  10. I noticed the URL as being incomplete and tried to re edit the post, but online editing software would not change it in the displayed post. However, it does now work for me in my browser. The URL to the "The Predator" engine bay shot should read http://www.zparts.com/showcase/engines/pages/orangv8m.html
  11. I am looking for solutions to creating a "Minimalistic" Engine Bay look? I've used hybridz's search feature on this question and have had no luck finding references to creating a "minimalistic" or "show quality" engine bay look. If anyone can point me to thread links here or elsewhere on the net that would give me examples or solutions or direct me to alternative parts related to my objectives listed below, I'd appreciate knowing about them from the collective knowledge and wisdom often found at HybridZ forums. I have long wanted to create a Z show car experiment that would featu
  12. I can not give you any current tips for sources because I have not tracked where some reside these days, but I can clarify and muddle the issues for everyone a wee bit. Long ago the IMSA body kit of highest quality and cleanest old school look and refined detailing was the "Tildon" IMSA kit. Some swear that it should be spelled "tilton". It is my understanding that Jim Cook Racing bought the molds to that kit over 20 years ago, but apparently moth balled them because they've never featured them in the catalog to my knowledge. I extensively photographed and brokered for sale a Ti
  13. Two years ago I worked up an illustration of an idea I had for side venting the modest height Z hood bulge. Shape of vent holes is not finalized in my mind, but I am leaning toward progressive large to small tear drop or oval shaped holes manually cut out from forward bulge area to rear. Depending upon color of car I had also envisioned finding or making decorative chrome or polished aluminum trim rings or "collars" for each cut out hole that would lay close to flush to the painted surfaces of the hood. You can see my concept illustration wherein the cut outs are not pictured at very
  14. Thought I'd just alert you all that I have been contacted by another person that has completed a VH-45 engine swap into a 240Z body. This one is not turbo charged, but the guy has come up with his own interesting flavor of swap including custom built/cast headers and and bell housing. The guy is in New Zealand and limited by poor bandwidth so he is sending me all his project build photos on a CD via snail mail, which may not arrive for awhile. In the meantime he's managed to send me a few teaser shots which I hope to have up for viewing by this weekend after a very busy schedule of c
  15. Here's another example of a Corvette rear look added to a S30 body. Michael Spreadbury took this photo several years ago at the Woodburn, Oregon Drags and sent it into me for display.
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