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  1. Sorry to bring up an old post, but does this guy still sell these? Looking for another alternative than arizona z car (nothing wrong with them). If not, are there any other sources for SS valves, just trying to see what my options are. Thanks, Steven M.
  2. My favorite commentators on the silver Z was a lady in her 70's-80's; and a homeless man that guessed the correct year of my 240 and helped me push her down the road (insert embarrassing story of breakdown on a highway here). steven m.
  3. I ran a 26x19 on my other Z. to make it clear, the frame was cut where the radiator is mounted, should give you 3" more of clearance.
  4. lucky... putting mine on involved me and my brother. me, standing between my fuel cell rails, lifting like hell, and my brother guiding the stand. ended up using: big SUV jack stands, a cherry picker, and alot of cursing.
  5. what welder do you plan on getting, might I ask? also plan about spending 150+ on cost of steel, probably more depending on your design. make sure you polish up those welding skills before tackling a rotisserie job. If i were to do it again, i'd opt for scrap steel instead of fresh stock. steven m.
  6. just did a search. steven m.
  7. i definately have. unfortunately i haven't been able to work on my Z as much as I'd like to (completing the 4x4 conversion, possibly going with 35's and/or a front locker). But once i finish, I will keep everyone updated. Worked with fiberglass before (made a simple hood with scoop for my boat), and it was pretty enjoyable, minus the dizziness and itchiness. I would love to have the Z fund itself and at the same time help everyone else out. Also, since i plan on wheel-to-wheel racing, i was planning on having spare panels "just in case". As far as any tags, none that i saw, and no special markings either. steven m.
  8. used the same rubber coating on my fiberglass floor for my boat. stuff works good! nice progress.
  9. i believe ebay uses freight quote. I overshot on the weight, #500 and i was told the class for engines on crates is an 85. The guy who won is from san antonio so he'll be picking it up. i was expecting a bit more, but i can settle . thanks, steven m.
  10. 1 hour left and only at $200.00. that's a deal even just for the crankshaft!
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Maxima-Diesel-Engine-Motor-Longblock-Datsun-LD28-L28D_W0QQitemZ8023870384QQcategoryZ33615QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem decided to put it on ebay, going on a whole 75.00 right now. Didn't decide to do the perfect ebay ad idea, but i should have!
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