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  1. I just recieved my flywheel from brickhouse (dropshipped from spec). Beautiful and light especially considering the thickness. It should work out well. Your right on price. Nice guys to deal with. Although Now that i've got my entire drivetrain including engine management out of the way I look over at my 72 240 and wonder if the z32 can wait a little longer. Tough decision. What would you do? The only reason for the z32 would be I don't think its ever been done?
  2. I've started to take on this task as well. Going w/ a 6 spd though. Trying to settle on clutch and flywheel. Sucks after as long as these engines have been out and pro drifters using this setup there aren't more options out there for direct bolt up options for certain parts. Stacking flywheel on flexplate seems kind of a lego way of doing it. Brickhouse products seems to have got a custom thicker flywheel from Spec clutches made. Looking into that option at the moment. Also during one of the various searches for info I stumbled across, supposedly theres an infinity that has a slimmer oilpan. I'll try to refind that info.
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