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  1. I have no time to ls swap my current z so instead I am looking for a already done LS swapped z my budget is 10k please post pictures and build sheets if possible
  2. What would happen if you paired different cylinders than the typical would that change the tone you could even go as far as pairing the normal ones and then making them pair into different ones using exhaust I have found a video to kinda explain what I mean. In the video he couldn’t fit normal 180 degree headers so he paired them using a combination of his headers and y-pipes to make a 180 degrees https://youtu.be/pG2TvSl8dRY
  3. On my previous post I asked about a unique header where 1-4 go into a collector and 5-2 go into a collector and finally 3-6 go into a collector this could be beneficial by allowing you to pair any of the options to different ones an example would be collector one could go to collector three leaving collector two on its own or even have collector two merge with both collectors later on the exhaust (note this is for pure sound not performance) what is your guys opinion on this?
  4. Street, and it would be three collectors where they are all separate but then either adjoined later by y pipes I’m purely curious to how it would sound as I haven’t seen it done. I don’t mind losing power I’m looking. For a unique sound almost like how 180 degree headers change the tone of a v8 what would doing this do? In theory couldn’t you make a similar tone change if you paired certain Cylinders ?
  5. This is exactly what I was looking for was it paired by 1-6, 5-2, 3-4 ? And what if you didn’t combine all into one collecter and had three pipes going out and connected them with two y pipes or three straight pipes out the back
  6. That is my plan this summer, I’m really fascinated with how the 180 degree headers completely change how a v8 sounds I wonder if this will completely change the sound of the l28
  7. I’ve seen those but they are still the traditional 6-1 or 6-2 is it possible to do 6-3?
  8. But other than performance is it possible to make a 6-3 and have them adjoined by two y pipes or maybe even three pipes straight back. Would the sound be any different?
  9. When it comes to shopping for headers the l28 has few unique options for headers. I don’t know much about this but why can’t you make a 6 into 3 header where 1-4 go into collector #1 and 5-2 go into collector #2 and finally 3-6 go into collector #3 or something else like this? I am just curious why Nobody has ever played with the sound in this manner
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