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  1. I'm going to go with the white vinyl gauge overlays for my 240Z rebuild. There is no sigificant issue in doing this for the three smaller gauges. However, to do the tach and speedo will require removing the needles. So, I ask any of you who might have done this previously if there is any "trick" needed to remove them without doing damage or messing up the reinstallation. Also, because my needles are white, I'm going to have to paint them so they stand out on the new white background. I was planning to use fluorescent orange for this as the car itself is bright orange. Of course, I c
  2. Cross-posted on Classic Zcar. I am in the process of installing G-Machine camber bushings (purchased from MSA) in my '72 - replacing the urethane ones that have been in for almost 5 years - and have a question. How does one actually adjust the rear camber with these things, especially with the flimsy "tool" that MSA sells for this purpose? The rear bushings are located at the pivot points for the rear A-arms and are aluminum cylinders with thin, hexagonal end plates and offset holes for the A-arm tube. The tube ends are isolated from the aluminum with polyacetal (Delrin) bushings t
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