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  1. Reean

    Megasquirt help

    If you could, could you explain the plug and play solution you were talking about?
  2. Reean

    Megasquirt help

    okay, i'll check it out again. Yeah, there's a massive learning curve with me since this is my first time actually dealing with the tuning wiring side of things! I'll let you know seems like something I may be interested in
  3. Reean

    Megasquirt help

    okay, thank you I'll try this
  4. Reean

    Megasquirt help

    I'll try that, thanks
  5. Reean

    Megasquirt help

    Yes, I know :/ When I got it, it seemed a little crazy for me, but I gotta learn it or do something now. I'll look into a new harness & try to learn. I know the l28 is turbo'd which would explain all of this, would you suggest going back to stock would be a better option?
  6. Reean

    Megasquirt help

    Okay, I'll try that thank you
  7. Hey guys, I just joined HybridZ and this is my first post! I also just joined the Datsun club by buying a 280z not too long ago. It is a 77' 280z, L28 all that good stuff I guess, but it's turbo converted... or rather almost. So, I bought and the turbo conversion is almost complete according to him it just needs tuning, wiring, & a finished down pipe. I have no idea where to begin, I have a picture of the megasquirt 2 EMS, the wideband, & the harness I assume. I also have a ton of wires underneath the the steering wheel which he said was useless and that I should make a new
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