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  1. originally i had this posted in the s130 sub folder but the admin moved it and renamed it, he renamed it wrong a simple mistake when i read my message. No im looking for an 82 280 that has a manual transmission it doesnt have to be in the best of shape but needs to at least be able to run i will spend upwards of 1500 if i need to. It doesnt matter to me if it is n/a or turbo but would prefer turbo sorry for the confusion.
  2. i have searched here and no luck im looking for an 82 manual thats not in to bad of condition somewhere around the 1000 dollar range and near the greater salt lake area willing to drive out of state too. can be a n/a or turbo although would like turbo
  3. thanks a ton dont know why i didnt just do that in the first place
  4. hey randy were did you get that block from?? i found one at best buy but it was really huge and only held one maxi
  5. wait hughdogz isnt that supposed to be a 50amp fuse not a 25 amp???
  6. hey i am not inclined to wiring at all is there any way you could make this a little easier for me to understand like a step by step?? i have never really dealt with wiring at all
  7. yes to answer your question my car is an automatic the weight issue: there are weights on the outside and the inside but the rim is damaged badly (was hydroplaned) have a new rim and all but gonna wait to put the tires on because car does not run i think i blew a fusible link.
  8. ya did you notice how horribly the tire is weighted to make it balanced the weights that are in the picture are not the only ones there are also stick ones like a stack of them
  9. i know exactly what you mean i was wondering if we could not just buy the weather stripping for a same year 2+2 and trim in the middle to fit. Then use some black silicone and have a good seal:confused:
  10. mine was made in japan for california
  11. so my computer is being stupid so here is my photobucket url http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm110/dumb_4_rum/
  12. i had tried just purchasing the 82 calipers but the mounting spots are different distances apart
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