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  1. BTW, I have a brand new F40 Spoiler/wing (with center tail light) that I could probably be convinced to let go of, since it'll never be mounted on my car. Money talks...
  2. That's the POS spoiler that was on my car when I got it...costed me a rear hatch from the rusted mounting holes, as well as 2 huge patches just behind the rear side windows for the same reason. NEVER AGAIN...
  3. Amen to that... I've been doing locks for the last 25 or so myself, have rebuild many a lock, but the cylinders wear out LONG before the tumblers do in most cases. Couldn't have said it better myself...and all I do is automotive and motorcycle locks.
  4. I've done it and it was a total PAIN IN THE ARSE! Plan on removing the entire dash board, dash support bar, and mucking with alot of vacuum lines, not to mention changing things around like the heater control valve for the manual unit...IF you can find one. It's different and NLA at Nissan. Do I like the manual system? Yes. Did I really gain anything other than a more reliable AC system with less vacuum line hassles? Yes, would I do it again? Absolutely NOT. Not much gain for the effort. Your mileage may vary, but remember, you asked. Warren
  5. This is the exact reason why there is not and hasn't been a DNI/SEZ event scheduled. Almost NOBODY shows up. Everybody WANTS to be there, but when it comes down to it, there's always something else to do or needs to be done. It's all fine and well to WANT to put something together, but it's just not worth the effort when only 6 people show up. Heck, at this point, we can't even get people to come to an event put on by another club. Sorry, I just had to be the one to stir it up (as usual). Warren
  6. Been having this one for a while now.
  7. 4.5" backspacing, same as the Mustang standard, rear tires are Hoosier slicks 26x8's on 15's. Rear suspension is Tokico blues with a custom made 1" aluminum spacer added atop between the body and shock mounts. Front suspension is Tokico blues with Techno Toy Tuning camber adjustment plates.
  8. See the V8 Forum, I posted pics there without realizing which forum it was...
  9. *Thread moved from Events forum to Drivetrain forum*
  10. I believe the OP was referring to using 2005+ tail lights, not 1965...but I do like the look of the work you've done.
  11. I'm pretty sure that most of you on here have already seen this, but I'm posting it again, with the hopes that it'll answer some of the questions regarding fitting the Mustang tail lights into the rear of a 240/260/280 (First Generation Style) Z. Keep in mind, this install was done on an 82 280ZXT, which we already know has MUCH larger tail lights than the 240/260/280. Also, keep in mind that the leader screen and trailer screen were in response to a few purists who said I'd be messing up "MY" car by doing this body modification. Don't be offended, just "Get Over It"... It's MY car. Click for Video (you might want to right-click and save as, as it's a LARGE (13.9 Meg) file and may not play properly using a single click)
  12. Warren

    My SDS install

    Pallnet, I read that too and thought "Not a good idea, but who am I to say anything?". Seems I'm not the only one who was wondering about the JB Weld comment below. Warren Pete Sprenger, This is a quote from post #1 in this thread.
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