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  1. jimmyjayt

    2jz swap questions

    Thanks for the in depth response! I feel like my path for this will be pretty smooth. I'll check out your threads for other details.
  2. jimmyjayt

    2jz swap questions

    Im thinking i would try to budget $15k for this build, does that sound reasonable?
  3. jimmyjayt

    2jz swap questions

    Thank you for listing those. Ill take a look at those brands. I went on the tech 2 website and saw that 2jz mounting kit youre talking about. Does that kit work with a different tranny besides the r154? For example the CD009 tranny Geno750 mentioned?
  4. jimmyjayt

    2jz swap questions

    Thank you for hitting each question! i like the 350 trans idea. Its probably smoother than the r154 anyway. Know where i might find more info on mounting that trans to the 2j? Also, what kind of wiring harness would i need to find to hook up a VVTI gte?
  5. jimmyjayt

    2jz swap questions

    Hello forum! Im new on hybrid z and through reading through threads on other websites it seemed like this was the place to explore for all my Z swap questions. I have tread through a few threads regarding 2jz engine swaps on 240zs here on hybrid z and have found some answhers here and some there but i have a few questions that i would like to get sorted out straight forward. I am thinking about taking on a Z project once some more funds are built up for it. Ill start by saying what i want out of this car. So first i want a 2jz. Im in love with that motor and i am also in love with the 240z and it seems they can make a deadly fun combo when mated together. This car will not be a daily driver, i dont expect it to get any mpg, i dont expect this build to be quick or cheap. I am however, expecting plenty of smiles per gallon when its done. My plan for this car is a weekend car, spirited driving through canyons, maybe a track day here and there. I would like the car to be pretty powerful but not absurd, maybe 400-500 horsepower to the wheels, and would like it to have a single turbo. Here are my questions: 1. Which 2jz? For a single turbo application is it better to get a 2jz-ge or a 2jz-gte? VVTI or no VVTI? Which is more reliable and which is more expensive once all the parts for the single turbo are taken into account? Which is the bigger hassle? 2. Through my forum digging i found that the r154 transmission is a common swap for the 2jz. I would hope to find one with the marlin crawler internals. Is this tranny a solid one for a 400-500 hp setup? How about if its not marlin crawler? Is there a more cost effective option than the r154? Also, does the r154 require specific transmission mounting to mate with the 2jz? 3. What year of 240z accepts a r154 and 2jz the best? What sort of mounting should i expect to need to get this set up in the 240 properly and where might i find it? Will i need a shifter relocation kit? 4. Will i need any power bracing for the power goals i seek. Also, i saw a couple different options for a the differential for this sort of setup. Some suggested a subaru STI differential. This car wouldnt be doing any hard drag race launches. What is a good cost effective differential that can handle the power goal and what does it take to install? 5. Ballpark pricing. Lets subtract labor and tools cost for this as most of the work for this will be done with friends of mine who posses extensive experience and have all of the necessary tools. What is a realistic ballpark range that i could expect to pay for all of these parts i would need. engine, wiring harness kit if i need it, transmission, transmission mounting if i need it, shifter relocation kit if i need it, differential, parts needed to make this a single turbo, the turbo itself that can suit 400-500 hp, intercooler, injectors etc.. Thank you all so much in advance!