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  1. I've got two fiberglass buckets that I could let go. They're orange and I have pictures if you're interested.
  2. I have two hanging around if you're still interested. PM me for details.
  3. wow that is nice looking! I'm about do paint/cover my dash, but came across this link http://www.autoanything.com/dash-mats/77A4600A3559586.aspx?PartNumber=0394-0DBK&kc=ffsku does anyone have any experience with that type of dash "cover"?
  4. The carpet over the transmission hump looks great, is that just a replacement carpet kit or did you make your own carpet?
  5. b0bnuts

    Car PC

    I'm going to be going the carputer route, but I'm going to start w/ a EEE which I already own. Later on, if I feel like it I'll get a dash mounted touch screen to use with the EEE, but I don't have a center console so I'm thinking about making a mount right in front of the shifter for it. I'm sourcing an amp right now and have to figure out the EEE -> amp wiring set up.
  6. I know for a fact the l28et will be easier and cheaper than a vq. I was interested in hearing other's thoughts on going with the easier swap that I already have many of the parts for, or go with the original plan (http://www.vq240z.com-a.googlepages.com/ was my inspiration and the reason I bought a Z in the first place).
  7. So i'm at a point where I need to make a decision regarding the engine swap in my 260. I bought the car with aspirations of a vq35 swap. However, I have a spare L28 sitting around and have contemplated rebuilding it and grabbing a turbo manifold and some new pistons etc for a turbo l28 set up. Now someone has offered to buy my spare l28 and I have to make a decision. Sell the easier and most likely cheaper start to a swap? My goal is 300whp, and I've seen a lot of members putting up those numbers on l28et's, but the vq35 could also reach these numbers easily as well. Any advice?
  8. I have a L28 block with a n42 head for sale in New England. Unsure of the mileage, and will need a rebuild. Where abouts in Canada because shipping may be pricey...
  9. Thanks hoov, just checked the fuse box and it was grounded. Demounted and remounted the fuse box fixed my issue.
  10. So I checked my brake switch today, and I'm getting volts when the brake pedal is not pushed, and none when the pedal is depressed. So it sounds like my switch is fine. My hazards and blinkers work as well. I checked my fuses and none are blown. Interesting the top two on the left were the only two not getting any power, and when I unplugged the lower of the two all of the relays clicked. Any other suggestions on where to look next?
  11. Success! I found the Liz Claiborne stuff at Joann Fabrics. I would have never looked back there if you didn't mention the hanging fabrics. I'm going to measure and order some for my dash, door panels, shift boot and headliner.
  12. Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll have to swing by Jo Ann's again this weekend to see if they have it. I feel lost in a store like that, and I couldn't find anything =p
  13. I'm pretty sure mine just went bad. I was headed to a meet and noticed my brake lights were not working. The tail lights work when the lights are on, and the brake lights work for the blinkers. I'm guessing I should brake out the multimeter and check out the switch...
  14. looks great! I went to Jo Ann fabrics and they didn't seem to have any alcantara or microsuede. Where was the fabric located?
  15. nice job, the paint looks real glossy. did it pain you to drill into your new paint job to mount the flares?
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