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  1. Yea they tried to sell it back to me for 1500 ,I said no and used it as an excuse to restore the spare one I had so I bought new tools and sent it to the sandblaster.
  2. Damn that sucks at least I have an idea what to look forward to,lol, I don't remember anything, everything I posted here is what the doctors and police told me. Kinda nerve racking really. I went to where the accident happened no skid marks or anything kinda bothers me I am a good driver and have avoided many accident's I have over 1 million safe driving miles between UPS and the oil field so I just don't understand why I didn't see what was happening and try to avoid it. Kinda wish I could remember for that reason alone.
  3. Amazing link Zgeezer..... Thank you very much.
  4. I asked about the 25/50 and clarified that it would 25k a piece. Probably just cover the medical bills in the end. I have another appointment with a lawyer who doesn't advertise so I feel better about him already. We will see, I was under the impression the company would hold some liability but haven't got a good answer from anyone yet. Thank you for all the advice and support, in the end as long as the medical bills are covered I am happy. We will see though this is going to be hard to determine just how much they will cost.
  5. So I talked to a lawyer one word Moron, he basically told me his game plan was the one I already had. So I left there and went to insurance lady good news they evaluated my car already. So I hear this and get ultra anxious sit down she shows me the numbers some good news some not, the good they are offering me 7k for the car. I paid 1k for it and put 1 k in to it so net profit I seriously thought they would offer me less than 1k for it. The crazy is I can buy it back for 1.5k I think not I have never paid more than 1k for a z although prices have really gone up in the last couple years, this thing is toast. So I passed. Next I ask about max coverage amounts on the guy who hit me, apparently this is no no. So I explain my position and the fact I need answers because between my girlfriend and I we are at 25k in bills with many more to come she says OK since you are that far along his policy is 25/50. So now I have to give her copies of my bills so far, what she told me is if my bills are that amount already she will issue a full policy payment of 25k a piece to my girlfriend and I 31 days after the accident. So then I will use that cash as a bargaining tool to drop prices and help negotiate better prices for the dental and chiropractors that are next. I was trying to keep my V.A. doctor out of this but since he is free I think I will make an appointment with him for my follow up head scans and evaluations. I cant do any better than a full policy payout well I could sue but turnips don't bleed blood. Oh and I found out that his truck is not getting fixed because he was using it for commercial purposes, I.E. delivering pizzas with out a commercial insurance plan. Apparently when you use a personal vehicle for work stuff regularly you have to call the insurance and declare to them the true nature of your intended use which increases your insurance to a 50/100 policy minimum I guess. NOTE.... This is Colorado and 25/50 is the state min on insurance.
  6. So would I be the first person that would prefer to go 2 years older?....lol
  7. No we both have Progressive.... So it would be Progressive talking to Progressive....lol
  8. Yea I have an appointment with an attorney for tomorrow, The trauma team at the hospital did like 4 or 5 imagining tests. Cant remember if they found anything major,I only have discharge papers so they don't say anything important anyhow Thanks for the info/ advice, not a big fan of lawyers but I am not in any shape to deal with this on my own. On the plus side I can get my police report today.
  9. Yea we are both good, walked away with concussions mainly, couple of scratches and some joint damage neither of us bruised, kinda amazing really. Just worried about what the insurance will think the car is worth now, she honestly was really clean only rust was surface rust and ran well since less than 500 miles ago I put on a electronic dizzy, Accel super coil, dizzy drive shaft, oil pump,timing set, alternator, voltage reg,starter, battery,and cables.
  10. The steering wheel is the most amazing to me. It use to be like a 2 inch dish.
  11. So I was delivering newspapers and a pizza delivery guy in a Tacoma ran a stop sign at about 25 miles and hour and hit me while I was doing 50. Now my car is no more. I am hoping that some on here have experience dealing with insurances over z cars and can offer advice. His insurance policy and mine is with progressive not sure if that helps or hurts. I was unconscious for 7 hours my girlfriend was out off and on we spent 24 hours in the hospital and three days later still cant see straight I have to close my left eye to see anything right otherwise it is major double vision. Strangely enough no bruises on either of us but major concussions and her ankle is all jacked up it swelled up about twice normal size. My fear is I get disability from the V.A. for my ankle and my knee was just about to get approved and now the crash made them both worse so I don't know how that is going to play out. but here are pics
  12. I have a rebuilt n42 head and an isky stage 3 cam just no rockers not sure is that helps. Make me an offer.
  13. I used a air operated unit on a motorcycle a couple years ago worked well but it was mechanical. I am sure there are options for hydraulic.
  14. I have a clifford unit and a set of round tops that need rebuilt. make me a offer.
  15. here is the wiring diagram I am thinking of using. I did design it, toggles are fifty amp units.
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