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  1. I already have that panel to replace the current one. Thanks
  2. I have a 1976 280z with the left corner rear hatch latch panel completely rusted out. I am looking for a piece of the rear hatch panel that includes where the weatherstripping mounts. The area requested is highlighted by the red box, more specifically the area outlined in yellow. I am located in the Panhandle of Florida Thanks for your assistance.
  3. If your looking for a remaunfactured S30 fender on Ebay, beware of the only seller of remanufactured S30 fenders on Ebay. The pictures below show what I received. You will notice that the external packaging does not show dents or bent cardboard. This to me supports the idea that the fender was not damaged in shipping. I spoke with the company today and they acknowledge they sent out a bent, dented and marred fender, but this was the best they could do and they are the only supplier of remanufactured fenders(their words). I have since solved this problem. I bring this to your attention to be aware of what you might receive.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation, but I was able to contact an ebay guy that I have done business with before and he had the parts I needed in mint condition. The store is baddoor250.
  5. I some how misplaced my 280zx 1979 manual steering rack retain brackets and need replacements. Circled in red are the brackets that I am looking for. Need them asap to finish my project? Thanks
  6. Speed Hunters online magazine just did a small article on an individuals 280zx. It is nice to see the 280zx getting some face time. http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/05/a-280zx-thats-all-about-the-quarter-mile/
  7. I use this gasket for my l28et. http://www.zcarsource.com/intake-exhaust-manifold-gasket-for-warped-manifold-70-83-new_8_55176_198420.html
  8. Looking for left & right upper door seals seen in picture. Also, for the rest of the seal that goes all the way around the door.
  9. I am looking for a factory pop off valve from a 280zx L28ET turbo intake manifold. Thanks
  10. Well everything matches what you said. I posted 3 more detailed pictures. Thanks for the help.
  11. I am having trouble getting my 1982 280zx turbo automatic started. The car cranks, but won't start. I removed the ignition coil and bracket to hand clean the parts. When I put everything back together I think I missed a wire connection because it won't start and I have to 2 loose wires. I have a black wire coming off the a/c compressor in the front, but going to nothing. I have a solid yellow wire that connects to nothing. I connected the black single wire off the distributor to the condenser wire. I reviewed the wiring schematic and think the yellow wire goes to the magnetic clutch since it is the only yellow wire by itself. I don't know what a magnetic clutch is or where it is. I have attached a picture of how I put everything back together. Is the wiring right and where do the 2 loose wires go?
  12. I am interested in both front and rear suspension, but my main focus would be rear. Pics are always helpful. Thanks
  13. Dodge has out done themselves. I thought the GTR was a great package. Dodge has done a great job. Jay Leno does a review of the new Hellcat.
  14. I have ordered Fel-pro in the past and it was paper. I also called Black Dragon and they did not have it in stock. I guess it is really popular and just need to stay on top of it. I found a couple other shops that advertise graphite composite, but they never had them in stock.
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