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  1. Tracksun

    S13 rb20 motor mounts on a 280z

    I searched and i cant find anyone that has used s13 rb20 motor mounts on a 280z
  2. Tracksun

    so you wanna swap an rb eng? here ya go

    Hate to bother you guys but i was wondering if you guys knew if i could use s13 rb20 motor mounts for my 280z.
  3. Tracksun

    S13 rb20 motor mounts on a 280z

    Sorry, i dont really know how to use the forums yet. Ill make sure to post innthe right place next time.
  4. I recently came across an extremely good deal for an rb20 and i want to swap it into my 280z, but it came with s13 rb20 motor mounts. I was wondering if anyone has used these or has tried to use them on their car. Thank you. This is my first post so please bare with me if this has been answered before.