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  1. Having a little trouble getting insured on the car at the moment :/. Does anyone know of am insurance company in the UK that will insure a 24 year old on a datsun 280z?
  2. Fule tank whent back in in an hour so i have now also added the bumoer plates and tryed to do a quick partch job in my exhaust. It want weleded very well and had massive holes were two pipes conected. Its only a patch job becouse i want to buy a full stainless steel exhause.
  3. Got them both off and didn't have to remove the muffler And yes the fuel tank is still out :/ tomorrows job I feel
  4. Does anyone know if I should I leave this in? I'm planning to leave it in unless someone tells me not to
  5. Well it took 2 hours but the tanks out and I'm am really happy with the inside of the tank
  6. So been getting back from work late this week so not much time between getting home and sundown. Revered the car onto some ramps, and chocked it up. Realised the gearstick knob was being held on by gravity alone and with money tight made one out of a golf ball for the time being. Just Epoxyed a nut in the golf ball. Put the new shifter bushings in at the same time, gear changes and much more precise now worth every penny. Put two new mirrors on her. Not as scary drilling into the door as I thought. And finally started to look at removing the read bumper struts, as in I have removed the 6 nuts from inside the boot. Still a long way off :/ hoping I can get it done over the next couple of days as it's my Bday on Saturday and would love to drive her to the parents fingers crossed.
  7. Perfect thank you Tomorrow I will take some photos of the car I have removed the bumpers and front bumper shocks, but not got round to removing the back shocks yet, going to get some 240z bumpers down the line but I still prefer the no bumper to the 280z bumper
  8. So i have just got my 280 i habe a common problem with my shifter. No bushing. I am looking at buying this. http://www.mjpshop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=129_154&product_id=499 The only thing is it say its for 5 speed and i have a 4 speed. Does anyone one knkw if this would probable fit? They arent that exspencive so i may just got for a punt.
  9. So I have been looking for a 280zx alternator in the UK and there not that easy to find. Has anyone tried putting a 350z or 370z alternator on a 280z?
  10. What is the benafit to this, surley the aultinator was spected correctly, or is it just that they are old and dont produce the amps they used to?
  11. Ok so im less worried about the heat soak. If it ever becomes an issue i will probaby put the heat rap in the exhaust as it will bring engine bay temps down aswell.
  12. Yer the full strip back and respray is years off, minor nigles first then the big stuf later. Been looking at replacing the break components with oem were needed untill i go big break kit and rear disk convertion. I like to know i can stop before i make the car go fast. Never changed a wheel bearing before but seems simple enough. Adding it to my list. All good info thanks
  13. Interesting, i assumed that it would have been 1974 the last year and thats why the 280z was fuel injected ect, learn somthing new. From what i would tell it looked mostly stock and well maintained but as it didnt have a mot or been registered i could only drive it in the car park. The company i bought the car from are going to be moting the car and registering it for me so i should get more of an idea of the condidtion of the car from the mot.
  14. The cars an import from California so not got any history on it, but it looks well kept and has registration on it from january 2017 for what thats worth. I have downloade the FSM and had a scim but not had time to have a proper sitdown read. That will be done prior to receving the car i hope :/. Slip of the toungh on the points im afraid
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