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  1. Franken Z

    Lets see your V8 in your Z.

    Know I'm really late to this whole party but I'd still like to join it.
  2. Franken Z

    Nismo Electric Fuel Pump!?!?

    Sorry. Forgot to put it's a 1973 Datsun 240z.
  3. Franken Z

    Nismo Electric Fuel Pump!?!?

    Oops. Sorry. Forgot to post the other pic. But i now know for sure that it is an electric fuel pump. (It says so on the side) now the question is... Nismo or not? I talked to all previous owners, (yes I know them all personally) and they did NOT put that there.
  4. Franken Z

    Nismo Electric Fuel Pump!?!?

    Went under the Z today to put in my new electric fuel pump i got from a friend for 25 dollars brand new, looked up, and low And behold. What looks to me like an electric fuel pump. Im not 100 percent sure it even is one, but when I started googling to see what it might be, i found a Nismo Electric Fuel Pump that looks exactly the same. I will post pictures of what I think is mine and then some of the one I found online. Can someone tell me if it is a Nismo part or if it is even a fuel pump at all?
  5. Franken Z

    Passenger Door won't shut.

    No it does not click when I turn the piece manually. And thanks. I didn't notice that had broken.
  6. Franken Z

    Passenger Door won't shut.

    That there is the piece that doesn't click.
  7. Franken Z

    Passenger Door won't shut.

  8. Franken Z

    Passenger Door won't shut.

    Video would not go on, but the piece that rotates and then clicks doesn't click on the passenger. Does anyone know how to fix or what to replace on it???
  9. Franken Z

    Passenger Door won't shut.

    The Passenger Door of my 240z won't shut. A friend came to look at it and slammed my passenger door. Ever since then the door don't latch. I made a video I'll post it below. I apologize in advance for my interior I'm actually stripping it to the metal and painting it at the moment.
  10. Saw these and fell in love awhile back and happened to find a picture of some. Can't find them anywhere. Really want some for my Franken Z. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
  11. Franken Z

    Driveshaft difficulties.

    Thanks everyone!I like Miles idea. I already have a flange so it should be a lot easier if I just use a Chevy driveshaft.
  12. Franken Z

    Driveshaft difficulties.

    Whoops. Posted twice...
  13. Franken Z

    Driveshaft difficulties.

    I was thinking to just use the stock driveshaft until it breaks. I have the Jags that run book and it isn't very detailed... I'm actually looking at it now.