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  1. Zufelt

    First Z!

    I'm actually selling it with the TEC3 Standalone ECU with the sensors.
  2. Zufelt

    First Z!

    Just an update, picked up the car and started organizing the parts.. I made up a more comprehensive list than what I have above Rear Windsheild Rear hatch (Shaved) Passenger/driver windows Quarter panel windows 280Z chrome peices Bag of OEM side marker peices Clear headlight covers Random L28 motor peices.. not much use for these, so hopefully they will sell. Shifter boot New Ball joints 65mm TB (I believe it's for an l28) Turn Cluster Eagle Eye Halogen lamps Platinum Audiouox Power Locks Energy Suspension Polly kit Axle stubs (I'm not sure from what car) LS1 motor mounts TEC3 Standalone ECU with MAT, MAP, CLT, TPS sensors.. (probably end up selling this) Tokico struts x4 GM Allum radiator R200 or R230 dif (gotta check the Ring length) Dynomax exhaust L28 timing belt kit 3 Sets of taillights 3 sets of side markers 2 sets of headlights Stock ECU Techno Tuning tension control rods Wilwood proportioning valve Corbeau seats x2 Carpet kits DP racing camber plates 2 side mirrors Rear Wilwood Brakes Rear Wilwood Rotors Front Wilwood Brakes Front Wilwood rotors Hyperco Coils L28 head rebuilt mild port and some aftermarket cam 2 axles (not sure what car they are from) Still a good bit left, but that's all the important stuff.. onto the pictures!
  3. Zufelt

    First Z!

    Thanks! I'm pretty stoked to get it.. hoping to actually sell some of the extra parts/parts I won't be using to recoup some money from it. It should definitely be a blast.
  4. Zufelt

    First Z!

    Seems I'll be picking up the car in a week or two after I clear the trailer.. he accepted the offer of 5k.
  5. Zufelt

    First Z!

    What's going on guys! I've been lurking on here for a couple weeks doing a bit of research and figure I should introduce myself. My name is Ryan, I've been into DSMs (Talons, Eagle, Mitsu) for awhile now and have since decided to switch my craft. While I was at work chatting with a buddy, one if my co-workers overheard that I was looking for a new project and said that he had a 280Z stashed away that he ordered parts for and never finished. After doing some research about the cars I decided to go take a look, and oh boy did this guy have parts.. (I'll list some below). Once I was done checking out the car I offered him 5000, which he politely declined and asked for 7000. I have yet to pull the trigger because I believe after sitting for awhile longer he will cave into the 5k, which I think is great deal on my side. The parts I can remember are 2 Corbeua seats (new), complete carpet kit, three sets of tail lights, Tokico shocks (new), Hyperco coils (new), Wilwood brakes(new), LS1 motor mount kit for 280z (new), LS1 Headers (New), complete weather stripping kit (new), all chrome bezels, stock block, built head (didn't get details), R200 dif and half shafts, Aluminum radiator (New), TB (unsure what brand yet), Techno Toy Tuning front sway bar, Polly bushing set (New), extra glass set, Stand alone ECU and COP setup (can't remember the brand.. I'll update it later), BRE rear spoiler, Front bumper (unsure of brand), plenty of interior and even exterior extra parts from another Z, Techno Toy Tension control rods,I am sure there are things not on the list but that's the majority.. the car looks rust free, non-op, clean title and it's a 75 which is great being in CA. Anyhow onto the pictures!