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  1. Geez. I'm scatterbrained this week...I couldn't even remember I asked about this already. 240z 1971 I believe 6/71 or 7/71. Looks like this is spot welded to inside of bumper and no access to bolt without removing...
  2. I had to grind off nut off stud bolt to get bumper off. It was spinning with socket (not me, previous owner). Suggestions for repair?
  3. Many years ago when I first bought my Z, I never pulled the front bumper to do some things I wanted to. There was a reason for which I was reminded this week. One of the four studs was (already) loose and spinning when I tried to loosen the nut. So, this week, I had to take a Dremel cutting wheel and cut through the nut on both sides until it fell off, then removed the bumper. The other nuts were tough, but came off ok. It looks like these where welded to the back of a bracket and then that bracket it welded inside the bumper. Is this correct? No way to access/replace bolt without
  4. Replaced pulley. AC Delco 12si. Part: 2411001 10mm Belt x 67mm OD x 17mm Bore Thanks.
  5. I finished getting my CS130 alternator installed. Alternator 3335-1222 CarID $75.39 (includes $7.95 shipping) ACDelco® 335-1222 - Professional™ Alternator Dodge Monaco 1991, Professional™ Alternator (335-1222) by ACDelco®. Current: 96 Amp. With 6 Groove Serpentine Pulley. Pulley Size: 56mm. With External Fan. Plug Position: 3:00 O'Clock. ) I bought replacement pulley ($12.99): 10mm Belt x 67mm OD x 17mm Bore (part 2411001). Impact wrench took off alternator nut easily. Quick swap. (Delco 10DN ER/EF; 10SI, 12SI, 15SI, 27SI/Type 100 Series IR/EF) (the smaller [overdrive] unit appears
  6. I know this is an old post, but I'm doing this now. I bought Dorman 85854. The black (F) wire I believe should be (and was) just bent over and left unconnected within the shrink wrap. For others, the P designation on the harness/pigtail is empty. SFLP (S: red)(F: black)(L: brown)(P: empty)
  7. My concern was just based on seeing what they said in that previous thread about being under-powered at idle, but I agree generally any pulley would probably be ok. I may just pick up a $10 pulley from eBAY and give it a shot -- it's not much work on these cars to swap that out if needed Thanks for your comment(s).
  8. I was going to go to a place called Orem Auto Electric (I had been there in the past) but I guess they've been out of business for years. I will call West Jordan exchange -- I guess if the GM pulley isn't going to be 'overdrive' (2 3/8) maybe I should just get the one online? Or could there be smaller ones at the electric shop, too?
  9. RE: I have the 'Monaco' alternator (been sitting on it since last year) -- it has a serpentine pulley. I spent two hours this morning driving around to different shops, parts stores, and junk yards and NOBODY is willing to provide any help or direction in getting the right pulley. The previous thread mentioned above says "I went from a 2.75" to a 2.375", which resulted in charging voltage kicking in between 600 and 650 RPM, so no more dimming headlights while idling at a stop." Searching online I have found what look like several viable options for larger diameter pulleys, but not th
  10. Hey -- do you sell aftermarket spindle pins with a slot cut into them?

  11. Hey all -- sorry to revive an old thread... So, since Spindle Pins now seem to be about $40+ per pin -- the aftermarket option is looking REALLY attractive. I had to get mine pressed out and they are ruined. Looking for replacements. Street car, but have barely driven it. hwvigo, do you sell these with a slot mod?
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