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  1. I currently have a 73' 240z that I bought with a chevy 350 already swapped in. Currently this car is my daily driver and I'm looking for another engine to swap In. I think I have decided that i should either get the LS3 or the 2jz. I'm looking for about 400+ horsepower and I would like this car to be somewhat smooth and daily drive-able. I have about 12k to spend on the whole swap including the tranny and all the extra accessory pieces needed. I probably won't autocross or drag this car and it will just remain as a street machine. What setup do you guys thing would be best?
  2. I currently have urethane air dam and it doesn't seem to help much with the aerodynamics. I plan on painting the car soon so before that happens in a BRE style front spoiler worth it?
  3. I currently have a 240z with a chevy small block installed but am planning on upgrading to an ls3. The car has upgraded suspension but when going on the freeway the car drifts side to side with no steering input and I think this may be do to the weak chassis. Would it be worth it To sell the car and upgrade to a 280z which I have heard has a stiffer chassis and do the engine swap into that car instead of the 240z?
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