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  1. I love your build. what size wheels/offset and tires are you running?
  2. I love the build. do you know what flares you have? and your fitment looks perfect. 16x9 -15 all four corners?
  3. hey guys I'm currently wheel shopping for my 75 280z. I have cxracing coil overs and zg flares waiting to be mounted. im getting diamond racing steelies, 16x8 or 16x10 just unsure on the offset. I was thinking 16x8 -38 front and 16x8 -51 rear. will that fill the flares or is that overkill? the flares are 2" for the front and 3" for the rear. does anyone know the specs of these wheels? I know they are 15x10 but I couldn't find the offset. or any recommendations on offset would help
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