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  1. ok ill give this to my guy and let ya know how it goes. do u have sensor mount as pdf?
  2. do you have plans to cut your sensor mounts? im gonna use a gt101 ill buy a set if you cut me a copy.
  3. i could always drill it bigger, i do have a lathe and a bridgeport.
  4. 5/16 holds the rotor to the hat. I have not checked what holds the hat to the hub but i would be pretty confident at 3/8ths.
  5. ehh good question. ill try to find out tomorrow
  6. if you think they might work could you edit a pdf and a dxf for me to send to my shop? i use to have auto cad back in school but not anymore 5 X 3.88 inches" is the AZC 5 lugs.
  7. think they would work if i change the bolt holes to my azc pattern? IMG_3381.HEIC IMG_3380.HEIC IMG_3379.HEIC
  8. because i like the zg look but i would like more than 275 up front. dont really wanna go wide body. i currently have 255 on zg up front.
  9. That power is stay with a r200. Or if you’re doing suspension arms and stuff apex has domestic option. More gears available for r200 and domestic than the r230. And it’s lighter than the r230.
  10. Has anyone put ZG flares on the front fenders of the subtleZ kit? I’ve seen them on the rear but not the front.
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