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  1. wonder if i can drill my hats to accept this tone ring.
  2. The front and rear tone rings don't have to match do they? i have the 300zx rear so i just mounted Gt101s in there.
  3. why does my damn hub pattern have to be different, damnit.
  4. well i think i got my setup to work so maybe i can stick with it. I guess ill have to have a custom part made though.
  5. sweeeeet. I have the Apex setup but my brake rotors dont clear, probably gonna have to go to T3.
  6. I want to say the AZC push out 5/8 over stock. Might be worth just swapping over to t3 hubs.
  7. I thought the T3 hubs had less offset than the azc, but tyler said they will put the wheel in the same place. otherwise i could run more lip.
  8. He just emailed me and said that "The rotor to hub bolt pattern should be 5 X 3.88 inches" for the AZC big brakes.
  9. worse case i can pull mine off and measure it but was trying to avoid all that.
  10. ZT-R


    got the petal mounted yet?
  11. i have no idea, maybe AZC would answer that. Its 8 bolts and pretty far outward from center. i would expect it to be a off the self wildwood or brempo rotor.
  12. I have AZC 5 lugs and their "big brake" kit. would it fit? also how many teeth does the ring have? i dont have backing plate but mounting the sensor should defiantly be the easier part. Nice work man, i need to look into a printer myself.
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