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  1. u can get an adjustable sensor instead of the GT101 style get a GS100502 style. I think mounting the sensor is by far the easiest part. I would imagine we could probably get the OK from engineering to drill /have the hubs made with another set of bolt holes clocked in a position that would work for the tone ring so you dont have to pull it all apart when servicing brakes.
  2. Well, I'm going to change over to a motec and will be running wheel speed sensors on all corners. I have a R230 diff so I'm going to pick up the ABS rings on the output shafts for the rear but would anyone have interest in a front speed sensor kit? I currently have AZC 5 lug hubs in the front, but have been talked to t3 about them making this an option or something on theirs. Obviously you don't need a motec to take advantage of this but i know a lot of you guys are running engine management and would maybe benefit from this as well.ive seen people triggering off the wheel stud head but i want something with more resolution than that.
  3. BAMF in the rear and regular ZG up front. Im planning on redoing all the wiring and putting a Motec and a PDM in it, but then im also thinking about buying a newer house too so they cost about the same...
  4. rebuilding the clutch at the moment. its been down awhile, working out some kinks.
  5. Im in need of some serious downforce...
  6. I think my gtst one was almost centered maybe a touch to the front. engine placement looks about right. Its been awhile and many beers ago.
  7. Paul's car is sick, his new aero package I'm told works really well, pretty slick one off carbon fiber from topstage. I doubt I do ill see. The only things I have picture of is how I modified the oem mounting tab to clear the speedo sensor, that's in the build thread.
  8. I think it was just the typical mini 2 maybe. it may be in my build thread. I would definatly go with the rotary controls, I might change mine when I pull my dash out.
  9. Yea thats what i though, i can just go back to the stock 3.69 of the R230, but really this thing is fun with the short gears, dont really have to petal it much, just grab another gear and its just as fast or faster and to be honest anything above 140 is pretty damn scary anyway, i haven't calculated top speed yet, but im not going down the interstate much either.
  10. its not that loud for straight cut gears. my rear end is louder. i do have 4.11 gears so at 70-75mph in 6th im about 3900rpm. Edit: It is the 6 speed overdrive.
  11. Doing a little testing... IMG_0353.mov
  12. is the front part gonna clear the rack?
  13. The engine was literally laying in the bay. The mounts are some of mckinneys first ones, which require a boat load of shims but I guess they are ok. I went though a few different mounts mckinney sent me and a 2 of there downpipes way back in the day, I never could get them to fit. I guess they used the rb20 trans or something, mine was the beefy gtst r34 one. Loving the sequential, it was like it was made for this chassis, if i didn't cut off my original trans mounts it would have been perfect fit, i did use one of them though. You could take that trans mount and then weld a rear bolt bracket to the chassis for added reward support, but it wouldn't be just a bolt up thing, also gotta leave clearance for the exhaust, but mines 4" probably a bit overkill.
  14. The problem i had with mine is it seemed like it was to much leverage and was kinda flexible, not the bracket just the leverage on the mounting positing. I ended up welding on attachment points inline with the mounting bolts in the transmission.
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