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  1. I've been following since day 1 keep it up. The one thing i don't wanna do is body work
  2. At the moment its just a tomei oil put modified for external pickup in a custom McKinney pan. im trying to keep my AC so i think dry sump might have to wait.
  3. Yea i would love some real cf doors with oem inner shells. not just fiberglass with a layer or 2 over.
  4. Hey there, I see you put the Bride GIAS in your Z. I'm considering the STRADIA series which look similar, and just wanted to understand what type of issues you had (the upper dimensions look like the fit may be a bit tight). While I'm not on instagram much, you can see what I'm doing in terms of the build:



    I appreciate any help and advice you can provide.

    1. ZT-R


      i would say there is about 1/4" of room off my doors from the shoulder bolsters. thats with the bride brackets. 

  5. Few more updates. I fell 25ft from a deer stand and landed on my back, so i broke 2 vertebrae and 3 ribs, so im a bit slow moving, figured it be good update time.
  6. ok ill give this to my guy and let ya know how it goes. do u have sensor mount as pdf?
  7. do you have plans to cut your sensor mounts? im gonna use a gt101 ill buy a set if you cut me a copy.
  8. i could always drill it bigger, i do have a lathe and a bridgeport.
  9. 5/16 holds the rotor to the hat. I have not checked what holds the hat to the hub but i would be pretty confident at 3/8ths.
  10. ehh good question. ill try to find out tomorrow
  11. if you think they might work could you edit a pdf and a dxf for me to send to my shop? i use to have auto cad back in school but not anymore 5 X 3.88 inches" is the AZC 5 lugs.
  12. think they would work if i change the bolt holes to my azc pattern? IMG_3381.HEIC IMG_3380.HEIC IMG_3379.HEIC
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