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  1. I’m still gathering parts. I am looking at the options to lower the car. I was considering a s14 coil over conversion but I think it will end up costing more than I currently want to spend. https://groundcontrolstore.com/collections/280zx-coilover-conversion/products/coilover-conversion-kit-280zx-front-only What about this kit? Would I have to buy a s14 coil over for the rear still?
  2. I’ve scored everything locally I think except the drivers side fender. That will be pricey to ship.
  3. I didn’t consider using these on this car untill now, but they are 7” wide I assume. I’m not a huge fan of them, but they won’t cost anything.
  4. How wide of a tire can I squeeze on stock 14” wheels? i was suprised to see that I can get in 14”s 235/60 245/60 '
  5. I really like that ride height, still driveable. Do you know what size tires you ran in those pictures? Just thinking, can you run a little more backspacing on the rear without rolling the quarter? I like the headlight covers, it looks like yours were just smoked and not blacked out?
  6. Is MSA the best place to purchase the coils from? The car has newer struts on it, so I hate to replace them but if I have to then so be it I guess. I have not really price shopped for these parts yet. My plan is to replace inner and outter tie rod ends, as well as the ball joints. I didn’t plan on Wheel bearings unless it needed them, but if I am going this far why not. This is not my car, it came across on a google search. This is the ride height and stance I want to achieve.
  7. Ok, I’ve seen their kits. They will work with stock struts? Also, I’m going to order busings for the entire suspension, polyurethanes the best thing to use for these cars? I’ve had luck with them on my other vehicles. Is there a way to tell my front sway bar dia? I see there’s a 22 or a 23 option for bushings. Rust can make that hard to measure, do N/A card have the smaller one and turbos the larger? The little blower on the RH side of the engine, does that just blow air to cool the injectors?
  8. So This topic seems to be beaten to death, but how do I want to lower this car? I think 1-1.5” would be plenty, especially in my area where the roads aren’t the greatest. I really don’t want to go with a real small tire just to lower the car. Im going to order the wheels for it this week. I have found a guy somewhat local with a ton of parts. Hopefully I can score most of the sheet metal.
  9. I kinda figured it was something like that. I also am worried about the fitment, Ive dealt with fiberglass panels and they are always a pain. I will just stick with patching my current ones. Man the options for parts for these cars sucks. Like Valances and air dams, there is really is not too many options. The best looking ones are old jdm ones that are impossible to find and cost a ton.
  10. fiberglass fenders Has anyone used parts from this company?
  11. I am also looking for a valance. I would like to get a fiberglass or urethane aftermarket type.
  12. These are the areas I need. If anyone has just these sections I’d buy them. Shipping these fenders seems to be a problem.
  13. I am searching for LH and RH zx fenders. Color, marker light, trim or extension missing is fine. I just need them to be rust free. I’m also looking for a section of the lower LH qtr panel. I will post a picture of mine, I can post a picture of it marked with exactly what I need. I am located in Wheeling WV 26003. I will drive within a reasonable distance to pick them up, or I am willing to pay shipping.
  14. I just looked through your thread the other day, I don’t know why I asked for pictures lol. I guess there is no deflection with them stretched like that. Id like the look of a wider tire all the way around if I can. Like a 245. This car will be a daily driver so traction for a racing application isn’t so important. So a 245/55/15? The price of those wheels is hard to beat, do they all have the yellow stripe on the edge of the rim?
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