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  1. What are my options for buy weld in plates and adjustable top mounts?
  2. I never write anything about cheap build? I going for forged pistons forge rods Balanced crank 8000rpm
  3. No I all ready visit Rebello and try to buy everyting as a kit but he had backorder on Most parts
  4. So after some talk with Rebello i am going to build a 3.0 using offset grind L28 crank 81mm strok Eagle 137.9mm rods what pistons options are the for this configuration out there or do I nead to order ful custom? i want comp around 12:1 I am going to use e85
  5. https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/interior-trim-for-skyline-1969-72/products/datsun-competition-racing-type-seat i want them in my 240z but nead I measurement the supplyer want give me.
  6. What options is out there for racing,that you guys have experience with? I am looking at these http://en.intraxracing.nl/merken/datsun/datsun-240z-260z-280z-(nissan-fairlady-z)/1k2-rally-tarmac/ i have no problem welding or fabrication
  7. Yes NA and 300 on the crank hopefully more give me all good tips out there are there any shops around LA that sell the parts I nead?
  8. I want to build a 3.0l for trackday use. L28 crank 81mm light strong rods light pistons I want over 300hp this is my first Datsun but i have many years of engine builds. So now I want some tips of what is the best bang for the buck to build a 300+ hp engine
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