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  1. i live in marietta about 45 mins from you my 280z is down so the for the time being im driving a turbo 280zx with megasquirt....im down for driving once my car is on the road in about 2 weeks...i too have been to raditz' shop he's really cool, ive had the privelage of hanging out at his shop for a couple of hours..and buying some things from him awesome place to stop by
  2. this is by far the nicest 83 ive seen
  3. honestly the diy cable is not that expensive $70, and for the trouble it saves you, you cant beat it....in my opinion
  4. no problem thanks all you guys ill post pics when i get everything done
  5. hughdogz my hero!!!! hey thanks man i appreciate it, send me a paypal addy and the moolah is yours!
  6. is there any way you can take a pic of it? do you still have the plug? if so ill buy it from you
  7. im not positive if what im looking at in that pic is what i need so i just wanted to show everyone what i am speaking off sorry woldson but is your car a turbo car?
  8. ok as soon as you can get it please do...i would much appreciate it...
  9. hey guys, im doing a megasquirt swap into my 81 280zx turbo and converted it to an 82-83 distributor so I can control spark and fuel. I have looked over the wiring schemetics and i know the wire colors but im not sure which order they go on into the distributor. I just want to know what order they go in so I dont burn anything out. I bought a remanufactured core for the distributor from NAPA and the new core only have the four spades on it where the pigtail plugs into, but there was no pigtail. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ive looked over the forums and searched peoples pics I just cant see enough in the pictures i find to be sure of anything. ok guys if someone can give me a picture i would be willing to reumburse them for their time i just need a couple of detailed pics of the plug so i can properly wire it up without burning anything out..... i will paypal someone $10 for their time just need to be able to see the wires going to their correct places on the distributor....again thanks for anyone that can and sorry for being so impatient i just need to get my car running asap
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