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  1. Thanks guys! I’ll post pics when I get it done.
  2. Hey Gang, So finally got around to clearing everything out from inside the 76 280Z. I knew that he did some work on the floor pan, and I also knew he threw out the seats. What I did not know was that he did not save the seat mounts from the floors. That dick bag. What do I need to do? Fab the mounts? That’s my thought. I’m gonna get the racing seats from MSA in the long run, and and they have the bracket that I can purchase and use that as the template for making the mounts. I would only then need the location narrowed down. I’m 6’3 so space is kinda tight, can’t really afford to give much of it away lol.
  3. Thank you all so much for the advice. I’m glad you posted this pic cuz I don’t want to have th fuel cell that low. Here is my current situation, it’s a blank canvas lol. The body kit isn’t mounted it was just hanging on there. I’ll post more pictures once I organize the garage!
  4. Looks awesome! Couple of questions 1) is there any way to route the fuel lines under the car so the interior has a clean look when finished? 2) where did you get the unit from? 3) is the unit a drop in from inside the car? And if so how do you keep it tight and secure so it isn’t moving around? Thanks again!
  5. Hi gang, i just got a 76 280Z. The guy who began the restoration cut out the rear floor since there was rust in the space tire area. He was going to put an aftermarket fuel cell and go to a flat floor. Any body heard of this being done? If so where should I look? I want to finish the work on the body before I start the V8 conversion. Tried to search but came up short. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! The details on getting the engine in the car are straight forward. I’m just wondering if my plan to rewire everything is sane or just stupid. I want to setup a clear game plan so I avoid “while I’m at it syndrome.” I recall my 280zx the ecu just controlled the efi, so since I’m not using the efi might as well abandon the wiring harness so there isn’t a bunch of clutter around the car is my thought. Im illiterate in regards to the engine itself so I’m trying to figure what’s cheaper. Build the engine from the ground up or get a crate engine. I’ll have enough work on my hands so building an engine isn’t something I need to do unless it saves me money. Transmission is a bit of a conundrum. Auto is definitely cheaper. But the wifey strongly feels that going auto is a stupid choice, it should be manual since it’s a sports car (we all now she’s right lol) but I can see that the manual path will add a lot of dollars to the plan. Differential is also a question but I feel like that one can wait another day. R200 is not an LSD so that’s something I need to research at a later date. The car is rust free but it’s dissassembled so it’s going to be a full restoration. So I’m going to do that work first, get a base coat done, install everything onto the car, then do the final paint. Im luck the guy who I’m buying the car from has it on a rotisserie already so that’s going to make the body work easier for me.
  7. It’s a 76 280z. yeah there is a huge road of work in front of me but I want to have a game plan so I’m not just aimlessly throwing stuff together. I know the MSD isn’t exactly a big upgrade but I’m kinda hoping to just abandon the original ECU altogether and just rewire the whole car. That’s a lot of work but I don’t want to have some old ass wiring harness hanging around when it’s used for like 3 things is my initial thought.
  8. Hi Folks, 15 years ago I restored a 81 280zx and put in the turbo engine. Sold it in university, and said if I ever would get a Z again it would be a 70-78 and id put a V8 in it. Well I pick up the car on Monday and now I need to start researching V8s! I only want 350 HP, enough to be fast and fun. I really want to have a carbureted SBC, never had one and really want a classic touch to the car this way. I also want the simplistic approach this affords me from a restoration perspective, and I do not want a donor car on my driveway. What is the best direction for this type of build? Crate engine? Or do I find an engine and start the rebuild there, also what year of engine should I be hunting for? Also with the carb setup I can still install and MSD ignition for optimum performance that way right? All help and opinion is appreciated, thanks for you time folks!
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