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  1. Hello! When I was about 12 years old It was a good old racing game named Tokyo Xtreme racer 2. The best car was 240Z (devilZ). Since I love it. I've got on this site accidentally when finding an information about Mull.tk Project Z (may be somebody hear about). I've seen some videos on youtube a couple of years ago. But as I understand it's not finished yet. What about I am? I'm just read some logbooks on this forum and I was amazed. I so excited of quality & accuracy of bodyworks on every project. And I decided to register just to follow on project like yours. I have my own project, it's 1982 Lada 2101 (Zhigouli). I have to teach some tricks and decisions in body repair from all of you. I wish you luck in your beginning! (Sorry, my English is not so good((( )