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  1. Starting the wiring on this thing... Sourcing the various connectors I am going to need has been a challenge in itself.
  2. Are you the same guy who posted on r/Datsun a while back about doing a Prius powered S30?
  3. Well, my car is going to be a stripped down track car....it won't have a center console...so that won't be a problem in my case. As far as the Tremec T56 F....all I can say is "damn". Had I known about that, I would definitely have used one of them. But now, I have already relocated the shifter hole in the tranny tunnel, and of course I am not going to swap transmissions anyway, so I am locked in. For my purposes it really isn't a big deal.
  4. I managed to finish the exhaust. I was able to fit two small Vibrant resonators...in the hopes of the car not being too horribly loud whenever I get it running. There are a few things in the result I am not thrilled about and wish I had done differently, but mainly I am tired of purging and welding stainless tube, so I am living with it.
  5. Finished the rear muffler assembly. Looking at it now, it seems a bit over-engineered, but it was the best way I could come up with to have some silencing volume, and use the space I had available. Basically I just have to connect the two oval pipes to the "X" pipe, and I am going to try to install a couple of resonators somewhere in the middle. Thanks for looking.
  6. Still working on finishing the exhaust system. I got the X-pipe finished to bolt up to the headers. The hangers bolt to brackets I added to the Hoke transmission cross member, to support the front of the system and prevent putting too much stress on the headers. There is no escaping the fact that ground clearance will be in short supply. The lowest point on the exhaust system hangs about 1.5" lower than the frame rails, so it will be prone to damage. When I built the headers I could not conjure any way to tuck the header collectors up any higher, so it is what it is. The car is not going to be any sort of daily driver, so basically I am just going to have to avoid speed bumps, crowned curbs, etc. I probably also will have to resist the temptation to grossly lower the ride height.
  7. Yeah....I figured somewhere I would be able to find off-the-shelf parts that would work, but I couldn't. They were made from two pieces of thin stainless welded together then the weld joint ground smooth.
  8. Thanks. I want to use resonators...if I can find some really compact ones and make the "X" pipe section short enough that they will still fit. Time will tell. I am looking at these: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vpe-1794 The problem is that the trans tunnel isn't wide enough to use them side by side....but if I stagger them, with the "X" pipe...I run out of room lengthwise.
  9. I've been working on the muffler arrangement for the past few days.... I wanted to use "straight through" (Magnaflow style) mufflers, but from past experience have learned that unless you can throw quite a bit of volume at the system, these mufflers usually result in an obnoxiously loud car. I mean, I don't mind if it is a bit loud....but I knew that was inevitable...so I figured the quieter I can make it, the better. That was the challenge here, finding space for reasonably large mufflers, and this is what I came up with. These are a pair of #12259 Magnaflow 3" in/out mufflers. They look small in the pictures but they are pretty respectably sized units. The entire system is going to be dual 3", but I am going to use some oval 3" tube under the rear suspension to keep some reasonable amount of ground clearance. For reasons of style/pageantry...I wanted the tailpipes to exit together in the center of the rear of the car, but this proved impractical/impossible. It would have required quite a bit of additional tube routing, and with multiple 3" tubes you run out of space really fast. The biggest problem is that all the tubes would have completely covered the jacking hardpoints I included on the bottom of the fuel cell mount. My original plan was also to orient the mufflers front to back...but with the tubing factored in there just wasn't enough room for them that way...so I wound up mounting them sideways. Obviously the mufflers are directly below the fuel cell. I am going to put a layer of that hi-tech stainless steel heat shield material between the mufflers and the fuel cell mount, in addition to which there will be two layers of sheet metal between the mufflers and the fuel, and multiple air gaps....so I really don't think this arrangement will warm the fuel very much. Besides, there was absolutely no other place the mufflers would fit....so....off I went. Thanks for looking.
  10. After a horrible experience with Carbon Signal: I ordered the 240YZ rear flares from ZTrix, and could not be happier with the fit and quality of them. So that is what I am using in the rear. They fit over the 315 wide tires perfectly (which is to say...just barely...LOL). They were cheaper than Carbon Signal, and came from Arizona instead of Dubai. I am still trying to remember what the hell I was thinking ordering from Carbon Signal... Fronts will be Ztrix parts as well...either IMSA or YZ or some combination. Thanks for the kind words.
  11. I finished the modification to the driver's side rear quarter, for large tires and flares.... I know some variation of this mod has been done to every "Z" car with flares, but I have to say I found it surprisingly difficult. Lots and lots of welding the thin OEM sheet metal in awkward positions. Lots of holes burned through the OEM sheet metal. Lots of repairing these same holes. But I got it done. Now I have to do the passenger side.😆
  12. I agree Ian, but after perusing the 'net so far I haven't been able to find one that would both fit and be an improvement. Vibrant makes a bell-mouth velocity stack with a 4" flange...what I would need...but the outer edge of the stack is 7" OD and thus far I have not found a filter that large. I could modify the stack down to 6" OD, then weld on 6" tube for the filter...but I haven't really made a final decision yet. Most velocity stack/filter combos I could find are made to be used in downdraft mode on top of a 4-barrel carb...and not only would not work in my application....but they also use a very small filter. Pipercross probably makes a large foam filter that would work, but given a choice I would rather stick with the K&N style filter. As with everything on this build...it is a work in progress.
  13. I see what you mean. Only a very, very small area filter would fit there...but I have no doubt it would indeed flow a bit better.
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