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  1. Alright guys, cxracing engine mounts, LS1 + 4L60e I modified the 4 speed 240z transmission cross member (drilled two holes) for the stock 4L60e mount to sit in. Now the most important question: How should I fabricate the cross-member mounting point to the frame/body? MY Ideal: replicate the stock 240z tansmission mount brace (weld peaces of metal to the trans tunnel to support it and fabricate two ears on each side for the cross member to mount to. CONCERN is: the trans tunnel wont be able to support the extra weight of the 4l60 (about 88 extra lbs from the 4 speed). Then I can add a reinforcement from the frame rail. Note: I can not use the already supported part of the trans tunnel because of the taller/ different position of the trans mounting points. Advise please. Ideas are welcome ATTACHED PICTURES.
  2. Jim, thank you for your input. Problem is that the headers only fits manual transmission, I have gm 4 speed automatic. It will interfere with the trans pan. Are you using the stoke differential setup?
  3. I am going to customize the headers or go for a manifold, depend on the cost involved. I’ll be happy if I reach 2 degrees of angle. thank you for your input Richard, I appreciate your help
  4. I droped the ls engine in the bay. Side to side angle was corrected by adding spacers between the block and the engine mount plate. I brought it as close as 1 degree from the chasing level. Good enough for me, I can probably add more thickness and bring it up to 0 degree or keep it at 1 degree. This isn’t my concern my concern is the backward tilt of the engine and transmission , its at 5 degree. How far back you guys have? Give me some numbers. Should I be concerned with the differential angles? Is the angle good enough? I've read that 3 to 5 degrees of backward tilt is ok for ls engines.
  5. Update: I tried doing the second hole from the back of the engine, but the transmission would require major tunnel cutting and fabrication to be raised up and leveled. So I decided to go for the third hole like you. Some little more hammering and my engine and transmission is at 5 degree backwards tilt. that brings up another question, what’s your tilte angle of the engine? Side to side I’m 1 degree of the chassis level, which is almost perfectly leveled with the chassis. Good enough for me. my concern is the engine tilt backward at 5 degree. My research says 3 to 5 degrees of backward tilt is ok. What do you guys have?
  6. Jim Great information, very helpful. i appreciate your input and thank you for the picture Mohammad
  7. Would you be able to give me a number? Just to compare. A close picture would be awesome 🌹
  8. Can I ask how did you figure it out? Did you talk to cxracing or you just looked at their product pictures? Excuse me for the question, I’m not trying to troll you, it’s an innocent question
  9. I think you mean 10 cm not mm, cause 10 mm is 1 cm which is almost nothing. 10 cm (amost 4 inch) is very comfortable for me. But I’m concern about weight distribution and handling. the biggest concern is the stress I’ll be putting on the engine mounts by backing up the engine
  10. hello, So I just mounted the ls engine in my 72 240z project car using cxracing engine mounts. The transmission will be a 4 speed auto (4L60e). The engine sits beautifully in the engine bay. QUESTION IS: how far from the firewall should I mount the engine? engine mounts are slotted giving me plenty of room to move the engine forward or backward. I know now the transmission will play a great rule in deciding where the engine will sit. I just want to know what other members did. How far the block edge (right under the flex plat) from the firewall? Currently the block is about 4.25 inch away from the firewall. PICTURES UPLOADED. Please advise IMG_6112.HEIC.pdf IMG_6113.HEIC.pdf IMG_6114.HEIC.pdf
  11. So cxracong engine mount, which headers was that? And did you order jci kit through his weird form and pay check method?
  12. Walkerbk thank you for sharing your experience. My only concern with jci is the way his orders work with the form and payment. Plus I haven’t seen any pictures of his work. Is there other places selling jci kits? Or other way to get them?
  13. Hello, I know this topic is an overkill. But I still need an advice. I am swapping LS1 engine with 4L60e in a 1972 240z. I am going for CXRACING engine mount. I contacted them and they say they dont make transmission mounts for 4L60 transmission and their headers WILL NOT work with Auto trans. What headers would work with 4L60 trans and who makes 4L60 mounts for 240z other than JCI. Appreciate your input
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