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  1. We had to extend the rod from the Pedal to MC a fair amount for the clutch to work correct after we had it fully bled. HTH, R
  2. Thanks. Bump steer blocks on the list. The car with the Tokico already has them, the Tokicos are not adjustable in my case. 14s on the LS car for now, so lots of side wall. I have other issues setting my time line back so an extra 30 is OK. Plan on swapping springs this week. Also doing other things while the cars are down. Fix MC. swap gears in LS car etc. etc. Thanks for all the input. Richard.
  3. Great info on all of this. With the current shut down, 30 days to decide. LOL.
  4. Pretty good read, may have to look into that more. I actually have some coil over stuff left over from another project the only thing to find out is if they will fit. Thanks. Richard.
  5. jhm that is a pretty good idea. What spring Rates? Where to start? Richard.
  6. NewZed, I know that by definition we have a coil over strut set up. Just trying to avoid the new set of dollars I have to throw at it. I have been looking at the silver mine motors set up. but did not really want to cut and weld on 50 year old parts. RebekasZ I know what you are saying. Again no real want to cut and weld, But I agree it would be silly to put another set of springs I do not like on the car. Changing springs for Autocross vs street or at least adjusting the dampers does have some appeal. Keep the answers coming.
  7. Have Tokico springs and struts on a very stock the 240Z and Eibach and KYB on the LS1 powered 240Z. The Tokico are a bit too rough (for me), the eibach are a LOT too soft. Both cars have the same big sway bars front and rear. Looking for ideas on better spring options without going to coil overs. Did the Eibach and KYB when in a bit of hurry to get the project done a couple of years ago. The 240Z guild uses one Vogtland on any modified cars, any thoughts? A buddy has BC coil overs on one car (Subaru) and Vogtland on his 280Z he finds the V better for the street on his 280Z. I know not the same car 240-280. Just looking for opinions. I thought about just taking the Tokico and Eibach springs and swapping them, which is probably what I should do since I have both. But the LS is a pure street car for me and would like to keep it that way, without being to harsh a ride. Thanks for reading and replying. Richard.
  8. Looks like the GTO shifter is about 3.5 inches back from the camaro shifter plus the 3/8 spacer. If the engine is in that neighborhood further forward it will be close. The 2.5 looks good too. I wouldn't slam the hood yet but a good start. HTH, Richard.
  9. Not using the same engine but we are using the same trans (04 GTO LS and T56) The shifter will likely need to be changed. Can't remember how far the GTO shifter is behind the Camaro one I used but it was a lot. This may help with the more forward engine but it will be something to consider. lowering the engine seems mandatory although the Datsun hood has a lot of clearance in the middle, solid 4 inches above the fender line. Looks high in the pic. Keep us posted, cool project, hope problem solving is fun. I found a lot of good info here even not following the 'recipe'. HTH, Richard.
  10. So sucking through the stock pump? I would swap or make the stock pick up just a pick up. JMHO. Richard.
  11. The stock ZX pump is not likely strong enough or big enough to run the LS. That being said if the hard lines are big enough swapping to a larger in tank pump should work. The regulator should be fine as long as everything is rated for the pressure and fuel. We did it totally differently, on a 240z.
  12. Oops forgot, the simple answer on the tie rods is a bump spacer. They do not do too much but will help that angle a lot. Lots of discussion on other threads on how well they work etc. In my opinion they are worth it just to keep the tie rod angle better. Richard.
  13. Great work, glad it finally got more work done. We kept the factory GTO surge tank. Ugly but never had any issues burping. Vent from radiator and steam vent both T into Surge tank. We also kept the T in the heater hoses that feeds the surge tank. Similar to this. We only have the surge tank not the overflow. Way back when we had a heck of a time burping the FFR GTM. Keep at it, way to far ahead to stop now. Richard.
  14. We used a dieted donor harness. Power, IGN power, Fuel pump, fan, ground and a few others like VSS and AC, in and out at my request. I know that is now what was asked for but it may help in decisions.
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