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  1. That is a lot of work yet to be done. But, starting from scratch is the best way to get it all correct, and the way you want it. So now the only question is blast or not to reveal anything hidden. Great work!!
  2. That is the set up I have. Works good. HTH, Richard.
  3. Just wow, I may have said that on this thread before. VERY well done. I guarantee 100% for sure just do not have your level of skill or patience. Looks great. Richard.
  4. The regulator on ours is at the front. Not sure it makes a difference one way or the other. My thought was the Vette had it up front so put it up front. JMHO, YMMV. Nice job on the tank, we had to bend the center also. Works great, if the sender worked correctly, full is 5/8, e is e after messing around with it.
  5. Just so people who look at this thread know this is what we did. Of course there is a pump and screen in the tray when done. The system works great in my opinion.
  6. IF more is needed, there are some pix in my build thread. HTH, Richard.
  7. Completely different set up. One of the Z cars I parted out had a 3 core "V8" radiator, so I had it cleaned and put a factory shroud on it and mounted a 3000 CFM fan from summit to it and never had any overheating issues. YMMV, Richard.
  8. Cool project, as usual. Good to hear things are better enough to get a project. R
  9. Just the one. We ran the Factory Datsun lines from classic tube, who made them bigger for us (3/8 vs 5/16), in all the factory locations. We modified the tank for in tank pump with sock. The only filter/regulator is the corvette one mounted at the front of the passenger fender with EFI fuel line going to the engine with the factory connector and an extension from the parts store. HTH, Richard.
  10. Most LS and other conversions I have seen have a separate regulator on the firewall or use the Corvette filter/regulator to get fuel to the engine. My buddy has a Gen III Hemi in a 73 duster and uses the same regulator. HTH, Richard.
  11. Called inline tube/classic tube, and they made a set of stainless lines with a 3/8 supply and 5/16 return. Did brake lines at the same time for the whole car. They replicate the factory 240Z lines exactly. Only issue was drilling out all the rubber mounts to 3/8, lol. Running the same corvette regulator with an in tank pump. Fully 3/8 from pump to engine using as many factory connectors as possible. HTH, Richard.
  12. Can't really help, but remember the old set up was power the switch and then run it through the fuse box to lights or whatever. Now it is power the switch from the fuse box and then the lights or whatever The old stuff was just a small step up from British. Richard
  13. Not sure if it applies but other companies sell a dial up down kit for EPS. R
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