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  1. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    Thanks for the advice, I think I'm starting to lean towards the 260. Gonna try and make plans to meet with the guy next weekend
  2. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    Thanks, I'll be sure it's a quality job before I pull the trigger. I just messaged him about the organization. Villeman, he said the wiring harness is in good condition apart from one splice.
  3. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    Thanks for your advice, I'd obviously like something that drives now but if waiting a while and working on it more means that I end up with a better car, I'd much rather do that.
  4. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    I'm not sure about the harness, I just messaged him and asked. As far as I can tell everything is in good condition. I won't be able to run a compression check as the car is a solid days drive from here. Pics-The red one is the first car
  5. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    Thanks for your advice, I'll definitely use that. As for money for insurance/gas, I talked with my dad about it and he has said he'll help with gas and insurance but understandably isn't gonna pay for all of it. I do have a job at the moment though.
  6. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    The first is a '74 260z with a lot of surface rust, but as far as I can tell most of it doesn't go through. The exterior is in great condition but he says the interior needs a bit of work. It was also involved in a small accident, but as far as I know will run fine once I drop a new battery in it. The second is a 280z, has gone through extensive rust repair and is in much better condition than the first, but as I said is in a million pieces. As for the swap, I'm planning on waiting a few years but once I have the money for it my hearts set on it
  7. RomanNoodles11

    What should I buy?

    Alright, I was born with a passion for cars. I developed a passion for JDM when I was 9 or 10, and fell in love with the S30 when I was probably 12. Well, now I'm 15 and it's time to buy one. I have found two that seriously caught my eye so far, both within a days drive, and both don't run at the moment. The first is listed at 3k and the seller says it ran late last year but hasnt been started since then, but that it should run fine once I drop a new battery into it and fix one of the radiator mounts, which should be easy. The second car is listed at 1500, has an l28 in it with 60k miles, and next to no rust. The problem is that it's in a million pieces. Everything thats not part of the engine isn't on the car, but comes with it as the owner was in the process of restoring it but is no longer able to. So basically the interior is completely stripped, theres no glass on the car, no lights or trim, etc. I feel like I'd be capable of putting these back together but my biggest problem is that the wiring harness isn't connected, and I know jack sh*t about wiring. I don't need a daily driver atm, but this car would be used as one once I got it running, although my daily commute is about 1/4th mile to school. My dad says I should buy the first one even though it's more expensive just because it's not gonna take nearly as much work, but I'd rather have the second one because 1. I don't mind working on it and 2. it's a lot cheaper and I can put that extra cash towards some upgrades (maybe towards an rb swap👀). What do you guys think I should do? Thanks
  8. RomanNoodles11

    1971 240z rb25det build thread

    I literally made an account just so I could thank you for this thread. Just finished reading through the last page and it's currently almost 2AM I have been considering buying a pos S30 as my first car and doing an RB swap on it, and this thread has certainly motivated me. If I do end up pulling the trigger I will be referring back to this thread on a daily basis. Thank you!!