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  1. Hi dude, I am trying to wire my 240z using EZ Wiring  and could use some advice  Please give me a call at 661-910-5467.

  2. Did some updates this spring. I added the silver mine electric power steering kit. What a difference it makes parking, or pulling into my garage space. I replaced my thermostat controller for my fan with the painless one and it’s great. I am still having issues with the brakes. I had decent pedal feel then it suddenly went away. I checked the reaction disc and it is in place but I suspect the brake booster. If I pump the pedal and hold it then start the car the pedal does not sink when I start it. I also get a hiss from the booster when holding the brake pedal down. Everything I read says a bad booster would mean I have a firm pedal but I have a very soft pedal that has no pressure for about 90% of the throw. Then once it’s basically on the floor the brakes start to grab. Any insight?
  3. Are you running the car with the stock ecu now? If so haltech makes a plug and play solution where you remove the stock ecu and plug in the haltech.
  4. Great update as always. Did you ever get around to the electric steering?
  5. It’s been a long time since I updated this thread. You all deserve better. I didn’t get much done on it last year. I purchased a house and have been remodeling that for the last 2 years. So unfortunately the z went on the back burner. Here’s what went wrong. The headlights stopped working. Turns out that the high beam lever on the stalk broke apart on the inside. It looks like it had a spring in it that moved a contact point. Have yet to find a replacement. Wired it out for now and put my high beams on a switch. Radiator leaked. I need to find some better fitting radiator hoses. I found what I could at autozone when I did the engine swap but they aren’t perfect. I spent a good good couple days rewiring my dash. It was a rats nest and was completely unserviceable. Added some molex plugs so that thing like gauges and the dash itself can be removed. This spring I plan to make it more of a priority and get some more done on it. Funny story. I really thought I had a rare car until I show up at a small car meet 20 miles from my car and another rb z pulls up and parks next to me.
  6. Agarc315. Thanks for the kind words. I don’t think I have the answers to your issues. Perhaps your tank has some baffles preventing fuel from getting to the lines.
  7. Just wanted to chime in and say awesome thread. Love all the pics and it looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing the new numbers.
  8. Maddpopeye Looks like you are starting with a nice car. Get motivated and get it done. Don't hesitate to ask if you come across any questions. Putting it all together was so much fun. Most of the time I forgot to take pics of my progress. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Thanks. I don't have any videos. It's put away for the winter but I'll take some in the spring.
  10. Update at last. Finally got it back from the body shop. Need to start putting the interior back in. I need to get the correct size wheel spacers. But for now I'm enjoying finally having a chance to drive her around a bit.
  11. Thanks bud. I'm itching to get her back from the body shop. It's almost spring here in Chicago.
  12. Thank you cuztm240z. It always feels good to get some positive encouragement and feedback. Can't wait to drive it again.
  13. Cablesrv I'm sorry but my car is at the body shop for another few months. I will be happy to help but it wouldn't be till march or April.
  14. The strap that prevents holds the diff in place could have broke. That would cause some of the symptoms.
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