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  1. Hello together, thanks a lot for your help! I've actually updated to the MSA bar which fits perfectly in my Original mounting points. Regards, Bastian
  2. Hello together, I'm actually searching for a Performance rear sway bar that fits into the stock mounts of my 260z. See my added pictures of the original bar and the mounts on the chassis...the bar went to the front of the diff. Does anybody have a hint for me where I could find a right one? Thanks a lot! Kind Regards from Germany, Bastian
  3. Oh, sorry....I didn't see your comments earlier. @turbogrill hope so maybe no turbos 😂 @munters Thanks, I'll have a look at them...you'll get some pm from me
  4. Hi together, I'm new in this forum and hope to get some help regarding my Weber DCOE setting (Jet sizes, Tubes etc...). I live in Germany and since four years I'm proud owner of a '74 Datsun 260z. I drove the car a few weekends and decided to restore and modify it a bit – which got even a bit more time after time. One of the main modifications I’m doing is to swap the engine for a rebuilt L28. This engine is soon ready for the engine dyno, but as I have no experience with the L6 I hope to get some help which carburetor jets (etc.) I should
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