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  1. Well I just nipped off that corner problem solved. I used energy suspension bushings, seemed fine. 10 Mile Test Drive then back on the lift for torque check, No issues no noises not even spraining oil out the vent, yet. 1 million thanks to all of you for your sage advice. Ended up spending about 250 for the R 200 bar, bushings technoversion‘s front mount gasket oil, not too bad.
  2. install done, all good, it seems, have a clearance issue and then drop and drive, I'm thinking of hacking the corner off the diff case to clear the exhaust, not an issue?
  3. I've looked long but am still foggy, sorry, I assume that when installing the R200 in a 240 you need to install the mustache bar as it is in the 280, that is with the bar coming off the backside of the bushing mounts and running behind the suspension uprights, as in the the top picture NOT the R180 mounting which is bottom pic? So I get to take the whole rear end out (or at least a healthy chunk of it) I found this guy and was able to put the top plate, top half of bushing onto the bolt (stuck with grease to hold it up there) and push the bushing's tube back down a ways, then I coul
  4. I'll probably take it off as I'm putting on the Technoversions upper mount in lieu of the strap, can't see this doing much besides adding a lot of dead weight
  5. I thought it was some hack job by a previous owner until I saw the same thing on this picture: Why?
  6. okay thanks, I've since found this: I will just use my 240 shafts and see how it goes. mustache bar bushings are out of stock a lot of places, got a set coming via amazon but have to wait.....
  7. I'm in the middle of swapping in an R200 to a '72 240. i've read conflicting info on needing the 280z's half shafts, the R200 is wider by a bit and offset more left so I'd "think" you'd need a shorter half shaft/axle (Datsun calls them driveshafts) on the left for sure. Can't really confirm this in research, surprisingly but if I need to hunt down half shafts I'd better start.
  8. back home with the Florida R200, it looks like the pinion shaft flange will work, I'm waiting on the Technoversions mount and wondering about the mustache bar bushings, should be replaced I think, source? I'm still foggy on the half shafts, I think I do need those off a 280 don't I? the R200 is about and inch wider than the R180 so don't I need shorter half shafts? and a rear cover gasket, should get that.......
  9. The old one was constantly blowing oil as in dripping spots ground if it sat a while
  10. Old 180 would blow a lot of oil out the vent, should I consider tapping the vent hole to add a fitting and hose ……?
  11. I can’t just bolt my existing axle shafts to those?
  12. Scheduled to pick this one up tomorrow I think it’s an R200. I hope so. Looks like the right shape on the rear and it doesn’t have a stub axle bolts. technoversion mount ordered too
  13. Thanks for the tip I got two leads on R200s at the moment both with bars there’s one down in Florida for 120 bucks right where I’m going to pick up U-Haul truck for other reasons in two days that might work out quite nicely
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